Azzanadra’s Quest: Step-by-Step Guide
March 29 2021

Now, you all must have heard about one of the most amazing quests introduced in the RuneScape. For Starters, Azzanadra’s Quest marks the beginning of the Elder God Wars storyline. The Quest features Azzanandra and Trindine.

Azzanadra’s quest is one of the longest quests and the official difficulty for this quest is experienced level. Now the reason for this guide is this quest can be difficulty to get through but we are here to help you finish the quest with as little hassle as possible with our step-by-step guide.

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How to get Started with Azzanadra’s Quest?

In order to start the quest, you will first have to go to the Seren’s council and talk to Azzanadra upstairs in the Burthorpe’s Castle. Then go to Kharid-et and talk to Azzanadra once again.

You will then have to talk to Azzanadra again at the World Gate and when you are done enter the World Gate and talk to him again in Freneskae. You will then have to travel through Freneskae while conversing with Azzanadra at different points and it’ll mark the first part of the quest.

Inside the Hall (Part 2)

Inside of the hall, you will have to inspect the all the fragmented spheres that are situated at each end. Once you are done, go and talk to Ariane standing in the middle.

The next thing you need to do is go to elder god memory wisps (Bik, Wen, Ful and Jas memory wisps) and collect 50 memories from each wisp. Now the next step is to inspect the blank observation and when done, converse with Azzanadra and then you will hear the shadow and light voices which marks the second part of the quest.

Retrieving the Crown (Part 3)

Now you’ll have to go to the Falador and get inside the White Knights’ Castle and a conversation will start. Once its over you’ll need head upstairs to the second floor up climb up the stairs to talk to Father Frith.

Now once the conversation ends, you’ll need to head back to the ground floor to talk with Sir Owen and once again back to Father Frith. Once it’s done, head to west wing on the third floor where you’ll find Sir Amik Varze.

After the conversation you’ll have to go all the way back to the ground floor to the courtyard to talk to Padomenes. And once again go back to the room of Father Frith but this time talk to Sir Vyvin and for one last time go back to the ground floor to talk with Sir Owen.

After all the tiring talks, open and search the cupboard in the room and then climb up the ladder to Sir Renitees’ room and open the safe. And after that select the slayer bell by right-clicking on it and cut the clapper which will then create a Silent bell which you’ll then need to dip in the well that’s situated under the Paterdomus to turn the bell into blessed one.

After that you’ll have to go to the Saradomin’s Throne on the third floor and ring the bell calling Saradomins’ name for three times until the conversation begins. Then go back to Kharid-et to talk with Azzanadra.

Hall of Memories (Part 4)

Now the first place that you need to go is hall of memories and meet Trindine, after that enter the pool. There are two tasks you need to do, first is capture 6 archivist memories and talk to the archivist and next is to capture 6 restricted memories.

Now once you have collected all the memories, find the plinths at north side of the room and put the memories there. This will open up a structure at the center that you’ll have to click on to collect an item called Restricted engram which you’ll have to use on fountain of energy outside the hall.

Wizards’ Tower (Part 5)

Now you’ll have to go to the Wizards’ tower and talk to Trindy standing outside before entering. Once you get inside, start searching for 4 bookcases at the west side and then talk to Trindy at the eastern bookcases.

TzHaar City (Part 6)

Now you’ll have to get to the TzHaar City where you’ll meet Trindine at the entrance. After talking to him enter the city and meet Ga’al. Now go to the main plaza where you’ll find Trindine once again.

After that you’ll have to talk to TokHaar-Hok. Once done, proceed towards north-west in the main plaza to get to the city’s library, where you’ll meet Trindine again and after that return to Kharid-et to meet Azzanadra.

Gielinor’s Elder Halls (Part 7)

 Now you’ll have to get to the Heart of Gielinor or Goldrich Dungeon 2 and talk to Azzanadra. After that you can enter the heart and it’ll all be just dialogues, get through and you’ll reach the Elder’s egg room and here you simply need observe all the eggs and talk to Ariana.

Azzanadra and Trindine’s Plan (Part 8)

Now after all that you’ll need to return to Kharid-et with blank observation and the voices will then talk to you. After that get to charge the pillar and walk towards the 4 shadow anchors. Now you’ll have to harvest the wisps until 50 memories are obtained and then check the blank observation to get the next step.

After that you’ll have to revisit all the three locations (hall of memories, desire caves and wizards tower) to find out what Trindine been up to. Once inside the hall of memories talk to the archivist, then go to main plaza in desire caves to talk with Ga’al, then back to the heart of Geilinor to talk with Ariane.

After that go to falador castle to talk with Ariane again. Now a cutscene will start playing, just go through with any of the choices and once it ends go back to Kharid-et to talk with Azzanadra which will mark the end of the Quest.

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