Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide OSRS
August 16 2021

It is unknown as to what lies behind the ancient doors of western sides of the Ice Mountains. But Willow, an Archeologist, has decided to take the leap of faith and explore the hidden secrets behind these doors but he needs your help in order to do that. He needs his old team of archaeologists to open these doors and you have to get the team together once again.

But in order to start the quest you need to meet the following requirements and have the recommended items at your disposal to begin with.

● You need to have at least 16 Quest Points
● Bread
● Knife
● 3 Coins or a beer, which you can get during the quest.
● Cooked meat, which you can also get during the quest.

Recommended Items
● Amulet of glory
● Combat bracelet
● Varrock teleport
● Falador teleport
● Skull sceptre
● Weight-reducing clothing
● Stamina potion or the energy potions
● Food to mitigate hits from Ancient Guardian
● A weapon
● Combat gear
● A pickaxe and 10 boostable Mining to kill the Ancient Guardian without combat

Starting the Quest
Now in order to start the quest, you will have to talk to Willow first at the Ice Mountain by the dwarven entrance.  She’d ask for help to investigate the doors that she has discovered before anyone comes to claim her discovery.

The next thing she’d tell you to do is convince her team to work on this excavation, and you’ll have to talk to each of them Burntof, Checkal and Marley one by one.

Starting off with Checkal, the strongman, who you’ll find in the Barbarian Village. You will have to train with this friend Atlas to convince him to join you. Speak to Atlas at the Long Hall tavern and the training will start. After the training is completed, you’ll have to return back to Checkal after collecting the beer and meat on the table, in case you don’t have it already.

Now once you get back to Checkal use the Flex emote you obtained and he’ll help you.

The next person on the list is Burntof, who you will find in the Rising Sun Inn. The first he’ll ask is get him a drink, so if you already have one give it to him or get one from the bartender.

Now he’ll as you win some matches of rock, paper and scissors, after the matches he’ll go with you even if you don’t win!

Lastly, you need to convince Marley the thief, who you'd find in Edgeville ruins by the yew trees. He’ll ask you to get him a Steak Sandwich from Blue Moon Inn to help Willow. So, you need to go to the cook and talk to him. He’d teach you how to make one using the knife, bread and cooked meat that you have.

Once the Sandwich is ready, you need to get it back to Marley and he’ll agree to help you.

Now with all the team members ready, you need to go back to Willow at the Ice Mountain and talk to her. The team will start working on opening the doors and once you are inside the ruins, Willow actually reveals that they are not archeologists but only here to get their hands on valuable items.

And in an attempt to kill you after revealing their plan, they accidently wake up the Ancient Guardian. They all run away and now you have to kill the Ancient Guardian level 25. You can do so by a number of ways, you can engage in combat with the Guardian or you can mine the four pillars on each side, a bunch of rocks will fall on it and kill it.

Now once you kill the Guardian, you can loot Willow's bag that she left behind. Now you’ll find that the door leading even deeper will reveal Ramarno, one of the very few Imcando Dwarves still alive in Ruins of Camdozaal after Runecrafting Crusades. This will mark the end of your quest and you will be rewarded with the following:

Quest Rewards
● 1 Quest Points
● 2,000 osrs gold coins
● Access to Ruins of Camdozaal
● Flex Emote
● Ability to make Steak Sandwich

Hope our guide can help you complete the quest quickly. Thank you for taking the time to read our information guide on Below Ice Mountain Quest. Please be sure to contact our live chat if you have any further questions or want to purchase rs 07 gold.

The Rs4uk Team