Druidic Ritual Quest Guide OSRS
November 19 2021

Herblore is one of the most useful skills to get grip on in OSRS and Druidic Ritual quest is a short novice level quest that introduces herblore to the players. Druidic Ritual Quest can be started near Taverly and it doesn’t take long to complete the quest either.


The quest requires you to help the Druids living around the vicinity of Taverly. You are needed to help them create a potion that can be used to reclaim the stone circle found at the south of Varrock.


Quest Requriements

In order for you to get started with this quest, you are required to have the following skills/items:


 Raw rat meat

 Raw bear meat

 Raw chicken

 Raw beef

 No Skill Requirements


How to Get started

In order to get started with the quest, you must go to the stone circle near Taverly and there you need to speak with a man named Kaqemeex. You can find him standing on the east of Burthrope road up on the hill.


Now when you speak to Kaqemeez, he will tell you how the dark wizards took control of the stone circle that was once under their control. When the conversation ends, you will have to go to speak with Sanfew.


Sanfew can be found just south from where you came inside the herblore shop on the first floor. Now once you spot him, you need to tell him that Kaqmeex has sent you to help them complete the purification ritual for the stone circle of Varrock.


Sanfew will then tell you to get all the 4 items and put them in the cauldron of thunder. If you don’t already have them, you can buy them for cheap RS gold from [your site name]. Or you will have to gather them by hunting each of the animals.


Once you are finished collecting all the different kinds of raw meat, you will have to travel to the dungeons of Taverly and from there find your way to the Cauldron of thunder. Now the dungeon might be filled with NPCs trying to kill you so you need to be prepared to fight any danger off to reach the Cauldron without dying.


You can choose to fight with the enemies or walk right past them. Now once you have reached Cauldron, you will have to take out all 4 items and put them into the cauldron of thunder. These meats will then be enchanted and turn blue indicating their enchanted state.


When the meats get enchanted, you will have to head back towards Sanfew, who will then tell you to speak with Kaqemeez. Kaqemeez will then thank you for your help and tell you about the skill Herblore skill.



Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with the following:


 250 Herblore exp

 4 Quest Points

 Ability to use Herblore



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