Get New RS Rei Ti Ronin Outfit & More on Flames of Rei Ti
July 19 2019

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion Flames of Rei Ti has come. During this TH promo, players have a chance to obtain Rei Ti Ronin tokens and use them to unlock the new Rei Ti Ronin outfit.
New TH Flames of Rei Ti will offer you a chance to unlock the RuneScape Rei Ti Ronin outfit pieces ( by consuming tokens), a bubbling, phoenix or smouldering lamp. And this Treasure Hunter will come to an end on July 22. on the other hand, if you need cheap RS gold, please come to us immediately.

Flames of Rei Ti available from July 18
From today to July 22, 2019, the new Flames of Rei Ti is accessible for you to join in on the Treasure Hunter.

Obtain Rei ti ronin sugegasa token or others from TH
During the period of the Treasure Hunter, there are various kinds of prizes you can obtain:
Rei ti ronin sugegasa token (hat)
Rei ti ronin tunic token
Rei ti ronin faulds token (legs)
Rei ti ronin bracers & tabi token
Rei ti ronin scarf token (cape override)
Bubbling lamp
Phoenix lamp
Smouldering lamp
The first 5 tokens can be used to access each part of the Rei Ti Ronin outfit, themed on a ronin from the isle of Rei Ti. Besides, you can choose to either get a bigger chance of obtaining a token (unlocking a part of the outfit) or a chance to get any of the above 3 lamps.

Hope you could get what you want during Flames of Rei Ti RuneScape Treasure Hunter promotion. And if you are in need of cheap RS gold, is a perfect choice always. Moreover, always buy cheap RS gold from us.

The RS4uk Team