Latest PvP Changes and buy rs4uk rs gold
June 11 2019

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Players are no longer able to remove their PK skull by entering Clan Wars or the Nightmare Zone.

2.Imp Boxes

Imp boxes were previously used to quickly bank items before being killed on PvP worlds and in the Wilderness. To prevent this method of avoiding risk, Imp boxes no longer work in PvP areas.

3.Last Man Standing

Casual games of LMS now begin after 30 seconds of a minimum number of 4 players being in the lobby, making games between friends easier to start. If the lobby reaches 24 players, the game begins automatically. Competitive and high stakes games of LMS now begin with 24 players, reduced from 48.

4.Teleblock in Free to Play

To encourage trying out PvP, free players now have access to the teleblock spell. It will have the same effect and duration on both free and members worlds.


The Vengeance spell no longer disrupts a player's walk animation unless they're already in a PvP area when they cast it. This is designed to minimise affecting genuine PvP situations while limiting the ability to lure using the spell.

6.The Max Cape

Before this update, players with a Max cape killed in deep Wilderness dropped 11,880 GP and nothing in lower Wilderness. This has been raised to 569,250 GP (25% of the Max cape's cost - 2.2M). This change affects all variants of the Max cape.

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