Learn More The Spring Festival Begins and Rewards
April 06 2021

The time you have all been waiting for has finally come, the Spring Festival is underway in the city of Gielinor. The Spring Festival has brought a ton of activities for the players to take part in and get rewarded with some cool Spring Festival Gifts that are totally worth all the wait.

This years’ spring festival has brought in a ton of fun activities that the players can take part in and in order to do that and to start with the festivities, the player must go to south of the Archeology Guild and pick one of the many activities there.

Guthixian Butterflies

One of the activities that the players can take part in is catching the new species of butterflies that has flown to the Gielinor’s weird looking trees. There is a global counter that increases as you and other participants catch these Guthixian Butterflies. The more butterflies you catch the bigger the reward will be at the end.

Skilling Stations

There are also a bunch of skilling stations, where you can get the Spring tokens and XP. In order to take part in one of them, you will have to select one of the skills you want to train in using the Activities interface.

Potion Brewing

In Potion Brewing station the players will be rewarded with either the cooking or Herblore XP by mixing the magic.

Icon Carving

Icon carving station will get you XP in either crafting or fletching by completing the training.

Stone Celebration

Last but not the least we have the Stone Celebration, this training will get you XP in either agility or prayer after you have completed the training.

Spring Festival Rewards

The spring tokens that you earn can be spent on variety of items that are introduced in the Thaerisks' Surplus Spring Supplies shop. These rewards include:

· Crux Eqal

· Butterfly Outfit

· Invoke Spring Emote

· "All of a flutter" Title

Besides these the players can pick Stars, Lamps and Mystery boxes, only if they don't have an ironman account.

But that's not all as the accounts affected by the Login Lockout Issue will also be rewarded the Spring Tokens and/or the items included in the festival depending on when their account gets returned to the game.

Premier Rewards

If you have a Premier Club membership, you will also get the monthly Drops and by login in today you will receive:

· A Variety Pack

· One Thousand Oddments

· Small Knowledge Bomb

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