Learn More Volcanic Mine and Ava's Devices Changes from Poll #73
October 15 2020

This week’s update brings further changes from Poll #73. The point cap in the Volcanic Mine has been raised. You can read more below.

Volcanic Mine
The point cap in the Volcanic Mine has been raised from 65,535 to 2,097,151. Now you’ll be able to mine for much longer, without having to run to the store to get rid of your extra points.

In addition, the interface in the Volcanic Mine Waiting Room will now count down to the start of the game, so you’ll know exactly when you’ll be able to start playing. 

Ava’s Devices
Ava’s Attractor, Accumulator and Assembler will no longer be lost during PvM deaths. They will, however, be lost on a PvP death – so watch out!

Revenant Caves Proposals and Other Ideas

Alongside last week's game update we asked you for feedback on our plans for the Revenant Caves, the Vesta's Longsword and Blighted Items.

Vesta's Longword

We received a lot of feedback regarding the Vesta's Longsword and we're still discussing the next steps. We won't make major changes without first consulting you, and we're actively working out the best approach right now. Once we're aligned as a team, we'll restart the conversation with you.

Blighted Items

Blighted items are another casualty of the Bounty Hunter removal, and just like Vesta’s Longsword, we’d like to make them usable on PvP worlds. We’re still ironing out the details, but they might appear in limited areas, everywhere at once, or in stages.---------The first stage of introducing Blighted items would be to make them available only in designated PvP hotspots – the same places where the Looting Bag works.

No matter how we release these, we’ll be making tweaks to the Last Man Standing store to ensure that we’ve hit the right balance of Blighted items flowing into the game economy.

Revenant Caves

There was general support for our Revenant Cave plans. You can read about these plans in more detail in last week's game update, but here's the TLDR: We'll spread the Revenant spawns more thinly throughout the caves, reduce the value of their drop table and replace the multi-way combat system with a new mechanic that we've coined 'singles plus' (it's single-way combat, but PvP combat will take priority over NPC combat).

A lot of your feedback centered around two things: concerns about 'ragging' and the implementation (or trial) of a 'PJ timer'.

We plan to keep a close eye on the situation within the caves, but, if you like the sound of the ideas below, we're open to making content changes ahead of time to pre-empt these issues.

First up is a player suggestion to disincentivise potential griefers. Entrance to the caves would require payment in the form of coins (which could be payable from the Bank). The payment could cover one or multiple trips, or until you die within the caves in a PvP scenario. A PKer would receive this fee when looting a killed player's items, which would mean that there's a minimum risk required to enter the caves, and players with little gear and bad intentions could be killed for their fee. The idea is that the upfront cost would deter anybody seeking to behave maliciously, beyond killing Revenants or killing other players.

Next we'll talk about the PJ Timer. We've been asked many times to trial PJ timer mechanics, as exist elsewhere in the game, in single-way areas of the Wilderness. So we're proposing applying the same PvP world PJ mechanic to the Revenant Caves. As the caves will be made single-way (technically 'singles plus', as above) this means we'd be preventing attacks against players who've attacked another player in the last 10 seconds. Put simply - you can be attacked by another player in the Revenant Caves, even if you're in combat with an NPC.

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