OSRS Blade of Saeldor Informations
May 20 2019

OSRS Blade of Saeldor will coming soon,The below are all details you need to know about it,Please read carefully now.

Blade of Saeldor is a new weapon planned to release with OSRS Song of the Elves update. The broken Blade of Saeldor is a sword equivalent of the Ghrazi rapier, which can be obtained after completing the Gauntlet OSRS.

And it's a new solo PvM minigame as one of the new contents in Prifddinas.It requires 75 attack to equip with an attack speed of 4.

What's more,After obtaining the broken Blade of Saeldor OSRS, you need to repair it as this form is tradeable but unusable. The broken Blade of Saeldor can only be repaired with OSRS crystal shards, the new untradeable resource. Each crystal shard will grant 25 charges up to a limit of 2,500 charges. It will slowly degrade once repaired, losing a charge for each attack.

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