RS Rex Matriarch Guide: 3 New Bosses with new powerful rings & Rewards
March 04 2021

Three monstrous dino dames named RS Rex Matriarch have been released this week. RuneScape developer Jagex confirmed that the new Rex Matriarch bosses will release on March 8. Inspired by the Dagannoth Kings, Rex Matriarch is made up of three different bosses that each use one-third of the combat triangle.

What is Rex Matriarch?
RS Rex Matriarchs are three powerful dinosaurs released with the update on March 2nd 2021. As RuneScape bosses go, the Rex Matriarch is not designed to be an overly hard boss. The developers described it as a “mid-level boss,” likely placing it on a similar level to God Wars Dungeon 2. This should make them accessible to players of all skill levels. However, high-level players can choose to kill all three at once for a challenge if they are looking to maximize profit.

The Rex Matriarchs are three powerful female rex dinosaurs that were enhanced by Kerapac. They are considered to be a spiritual successor of the Dagannoth Kings, being that they all possess the same combat level of 888 and 190,000 health, each one exclusively uses one combat style and is weak to the combat style they struggle against, while being highly resistant to those they are neutral to and strong against.

Combat style of each RS Rex Matriarch
Orikalka: RS Orikalka is the Bagra matriarch. It attacks with melee and is weak to magic, specifically fire spells.
Rathis: RS Rathis is the Corbicula matriarch. It attacks with poisonous ranged attacks. It is weak to melee, specifically stab.
Pthentraken: RS Pthentraken is the Pavosaurus matriarch. It attacks with magic and is weak to ranged, specifically arrows.

Rewards gained from Rex Matriarchs
Hearts can be obtained by fighting against Rex Matriarchs. Hearts can be combined with the existing jewellery, which will create special effects and some of the strongest bonuses for the ring slot. Hearts include Heart of the Archer, Heart of the Seer, Heart of the Warrior and Heart of the Berserker.
In addition, Rex Matriarchs can also drop parts of RS Laniakea's spear. The Laniakea's spear is a halberd-range tier 82 weapon with the accuracy of a tier 75 weapon and damage of a tier 90 weapon. The boss pets Corbi, Bagra and Pavo may also be obtained.

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