Rex Matriarch Rewards: Hearts, Unique Drops & Boss Pets
March 04 2021

Some new rewards have been added with the release of RS Rex Matriarch. Here you could learn details of hearts, Laniakea's spear and others.

Rex Matriarch hearts for new effects
Hearts obtained from Rex Matriarchs can be combined with the existing jewellery to create new effects:
1. Heart of the Archer
Heart of the Archer can be combined with 10 Archers' Rings to make RS Stalker's ring. Here are the stats of the Stalker's ring: +30 Ranged strength, +5 Prayer bonus, a 3% critical strike chance when using a bow. This effect does not activate if using crossbows instead.
2. Heart of the Seer
Heart of the Seer can be combined with 10 Seers' Rings to make a Channeller's ring. Here are the effects of the Channeller's ring: +30 Magic strength, +5 Prayer bonus, a 4% stacking critical strike chance per hit during magic channelled abilities. Furthermore, this effect stacks up to a total of 16%.
3. Heart of the Warrior
Heart of the Warrior can be combined with 10 Warrior Rings to make a Champion's ring. Here are the effects of the Champion's ring: +30 Melee strength, +5 Prayer bonus, a 3% critical strike chance against bleeding targets.
4. Heart of the Berserker
Heart of the Berserker can be combined with RS Berserker Ring to make a Reaver's ring. Here are the effects of the Reaver's ring: +27 all stats, +5 Prayer bonus, +25 armour bonus, a +5% critical strike chance. However, it comes with the downside of reducing accuracy by 5% making it a poor choice against high defense enemies.

And if that’s not enough, there’s even a new weapon on the way too. Starting Monday, RuneScape players will be able to kill the Rex Matriarch in order to obtain Laniakea’s Spear. This is the same halberd that the Slayer Master herself used throughout her adventures. It has tier 90 damage but only tier 75 accuracy. Its special effect increases all poison damage by 5% and increases the likelihood of weapon poison hitting your enemy.

RS Rex Matriarch Rewards
Rewards from defeating the matriarchs include hearts that can be used to upgrade Archers, Berserker, Seers and Warrior rings into the Stalker, Reaver, Channeller and Champion rings, each of which providing a special effects and providing some of the strongest bonuses for the ring slot. They can also drop parts of Laniakea's spear, a halberd-range tier 82 weapon with the accuracy of a tier 75 weapon and damage of a tier 90 weapon.
In addition, there is also a chance to obtain three adorable boss pets: Corbi, Pavo, and Bagra.

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The RS4uk Team