Seed Vault Improvements and buy rs 2007 cheap gold
May 17 2019

Here are latest Seed Vault changes, If you are interested in it,Please pay close attention on the following informations.


Previously, only seeds were able to be placed in the Seed Vault.Now,fully grown saplings may now be stored within the Seed Vault.


You may now search for seeds and saplings with a search functionality in the Seed Vault. Like the search functionality found in the bank interface, the Seed Vault interface will automatically update as you type in the search box.


The Seed Vault now contains placeholders. Removing all seeds or saplings from the Seed Vault will now result in leaving a placeholder for that item. You can remove one or all placeholders by right clicking a placeholder. If you remove a placeholder which is in the favourites slot, you will also be removing that favourite.


In order to help with the usability of the interface, the Seed Vault interface now resizes to match the height of the game screen based on your display settings.

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