Some Update on OSRS Pest Control And Barbarian Assault
June 03 2019

There are some new update about OSRS Pest Control,Barbarian Assault and more,Let's see all details now.

Pest Control changes

The OSRS Pest Control can start a game faster as long as there are the full 25 complement of players in the lander. A game can also start after 2 minutes if there are at least 5 players present and no-one else seems to be embarking. Therefore, smaller teams can also enjoy the game more frequently.

Barbarian Assault changes

OSRS Barbarian Assault role icons have been put in the jaw slot, allowing players to wear capes within a Barbarian Assault game. The role icon is updated when a party starts the wave, players leave the wave, or when players change headgear. In addition, all cape restrictions when entering Barbarian Assault OSRS have been lifted.You can send you report to the team if you find your jaw slot changes to something you were not expecting.

Infinite Lyre Teleports changes

After completing The Fremennik Trials, you may now enchant your Lyre from Fossegrimen for permanent lyre teleports for 1,000 Sea Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks and Bass. This drops by 200 for each Fremennik diary completed, however, she will not return any fish once you've completed a higher tier of the diary. Fossegrimen will accept noted and un-noted versions of the raw fish and will inform you of how many pieces of fish you still need to give her in order to unlock the Infinite Lyre Teleport.

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