The Tombs of Amascut - Raids 3 OSRS
August 31 2021

A lot of people have been asking about what are the new most exciting updates that came in with the Summer Summit and we have already made a list of everything that’s come and will come in the future as pointed out by the devs on the live video conference.

And one of the things that’s currently in Beta is the new Raids 3, The Tomb of Amascut. So, it's about time we discussed everything that we need to know about the new Raids system!

The new raid goes by the name of The Tombs of Amascut, and before it is released, a new quest called Beneath Cursed Sands will be released in the Desert storyline at the Beginning of the New Year 2022. This quest is a continuation of the Contact quest with a master difficulty, and it will grant you access to The Tombs of Amascut if you complete it. Meaning you won’t be able to do the raids if you don’t complete the quest before.

The quest is pretty much how most of the quests are and as for the story behind it, it goes something like this. So, there are some mysterious disappearances happening around the Menaphos and you are tasked to investigate and solve the mystery.

How does the Raids work?
Returning to the raids, you'll be able to raid in groups of up to eight people, and there will be two levels. The first floor will include four mini bosses, while the bottom floor will feature a boss who is actually a double boss.

The amount of loot we get from the raid is obviously determined by the number of people we're raiding with, but it's also determined by our implications. There is however a new system employed, Invocations, which is a brand new system that allows players to customise some aspects of the raid to make the raid more harder or easier for yourself.

Not everything is known about the raids but it is going to be a lot different as there are avatars introduced in the raids as well as some new methods to fight the monsters on each of the levels as you progress through. After you have successfully finished these monsters off, you will reach the boss near the gate.

You will have to capture the Avatar in a certain order as they can buff or debuff the raid. So, once you defeat all the bosses on the upper level, you will head down to the lower one, which will be guarded by the twin boss or you can call them bosses if you want. Once you finally manage to finish the bosses, you will be able to collect all the cool rewards, which are not quite announced yet, however there are beta rewards for the raid that we can have a look at for now as the complete list will be released later, maybe it has some more exotic items or even a ton of osrs gold, guess we’ll have to do wait for it.

Tombs of Amascut Rewards (BETA)

●Keris Partisan
●Heka of Tumeken
●Ward of Elidinis
●Masori Armour and Amulet
●Osmumten’s Khopesh

The Rs4uk Team