What are changes of Land Out of Time?
July 24 2019

Since the release of Land Out of Time, RS has added a variety of new content. In this week update, there are some adjustment in Anachronia & Big Game Hunter. New Aura reorganization and profound halo are also added.


Changes of Anachronia island

Jagex had fixed over 25 change and bugs in Anachronia in this week, normally the most important items will selected as following:

1. Go Fast - unlocking both double surge and double escape, you will go fast as expectation,

2. Breadcrumb trail - if player haven’t finished Base Camp tutorial yet, a breadcrumb trail had added to Giles.

3. Damaged dinosaur - this item is notable, rather than hidden before.

4. World map - slight tweak on Anachronia to represent better map terrain.


Changes of Big Game Hunter

Constructive feedback encourage new changes:

1. The aggression circle synchronize better with dinosaur’s position, after dinosaurs had eaten Jadinkos.

2. Remove a hard path from the Arcane Apoterrasaur.

3. Jadinkos won’t spawn on lowest tier encounters, for example: Arcane Apoterrasaur, Scimitops and Bagrada Rex.

4. Delay increased between Jadinkos spawn and creature tracks towards them.

5. Players need a bank pin to access their bait box on Anachronia.

6. Once you bought the bait box upgrade, you can find a bait box in base camp, which can accept noted bait for Big Game Hunter.

7. The delay occurred when you move and join a Big Game Encounter was slightly lower.

8. Slight adjustment on message when skinning a creature inside Big Game Hunter.


Reorganization of Aura

Particular auras are changed as following:

1. Slayer and Mahjarrat auras are Reclassified to combat auras.

2. Daemonheim auras are on aura management interface list now.

3. Players will find Oddball aura in aura management interface.

4. Automatically removal of Daemonheim auras will happen when left dungeon.

In addition, Players completed the “How Many Games?” achievement, will get a new and improved profound halo.


Runescape update was encouraged by construction feedback from numerous players. It will attract more and more people participating in this fantastic game. Players spend more time on Runescape. There will be many issues:

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