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Runescape Time to Train TH Informations
Time to Train -A new Treasure Hunter promotion has returned,Now,let's see all details about it.RuneScape Time to Train has start on 00:00 on Thursday November 15,It will last to 23:59 on Monday November 19, 2018.Here are some rewards you can get during the Time to Train RuneScape TH promotion:Advanced pulse core,Protean pack (small, medium and large),Large combat training dummy crate,Skill training dummy crate (medium and large).Portable skilling pack, Powerpack,Protean powerup,Silverhawk feathers,Spirit onyx,Variety pack.Good luck for you!Moreover,Thanksgiving Day acti...
Publish Time:11/16/2018 5:01:07 PM
Details about RuneScape Premier Club 2019
The new Premier Club will be available from this Thursday( Nov 15th),which will offer some special benefits,Now,Let's see what they are.RuneScape Premier Club is the cheapest way to buy RuneScape membership, and here you can see the price of this year’s Premier Club: Bronze Silver Gold Price (£GBP) 17.49 31.99 54.99Price ($USD) 27.99 49.99 89.99Price (€EUR) 23.49 42.99 79.99Price (BONDS) 5 10 20Here are some special benefits that you can...
Publish Time:11/14/2018 5:34:53 PM
Some tips for OSRS Mobile and buy OSRS Mobile gold from RS4uk
Old School Runescape mobile has available now,So,You can buy cheap RS Gold from rs4uk to start your adventure.On the one hand,We will provide you some useful play OSRS Mobile guides,Read the following informations carefully.Be sure to remember your present world. On mobile devices, if you let the game run in the background for a long time, the system will automatically choose the fastest world for you when you reopen it again. If you die while letting the game run in the background, but don't remember which world you were in before, you will lose your item forever. In a...
Publish Time:11/12/2018 5:27:11 PM
Join the Buried Treasure TH and buy RS gold
As the new Treasure Hunter promotion,Buried Treasure has start on 00:00 on Thursday November 8 ,It will through to 23:59 on Monday November 12, 2018.Are you join it?During this event, there is a grid-based map on the Treasure Hunter interface, with 6 by 6 squares containing a chest respectively. You can click each square in the map for at least a normal chest.Every six square there will be a special chest with 4 or 5 prizes. There are four types of special chests: antique chest, skilling chest, experience chest and protean chest, which offer different kinds of rewards.What&...
Publish Time:11/9/2018 5:00:14 PM
Bounty Hunter Changes Informations
The old school team plan to make some changes on Bounty Hunter,Now,Let's see what it is.The old school team would like to change is the Bounty Hunter overlay, but only slightly,allowing you to move the position of the overlay on desktop. And the functionality of collapsing the overlay will allow it to be hidden on desktop & mobile. Besides, you will be able to skip your target freely if you aren’t risking a Mysterious emblem, or said target doesn’t have a PvP Skull. But you cannot do that when in combat with said target. What’s more, if you want to receive a Mysteri...
Publish Time:11/7/2018 5:30:13 PM
New PvP Changes in Runescape
Now,We will share some PvP improvements for you,If you are interested in it,Please read carefully.1.Energy Transfer Energy Transfer is a Lunar spell that restores all of the targets run energy and special attack. It is commonly used in PvP worlds to fully restore another players special attack multiple times whilst they're in a fight, giving the person who Energy Transfer is being cast on a distinct advantage over their opponent.The old school team would like to change the way Energy Transfer works in PvP Worlds so the target of the spell must have been out of combat fo...
Publish Time:11/5/2018 5:27:41 PM
Learn Parcels from the Hedge Informations
Here are some Parcels from the Hedge Informations,If you are curious about it, Please read the following details carefully.The Parcels from the Hedge event will hosted by Postie Pete, located near the Burthorpe lodestone.Returns on November 1, and runs until November 30, 2018. During the event, you can receive Postie Pete’s letter and a daily RuneScape parcel for 30 days, and more parcels can be obtained from skilling. There are parcels of four sizes: small, medium, large and huge. As with your daily gift, these can come in bigger sizes with greater rewards.What's more,...
Publish Time:10/31/2018 5:37:06 PM
Information about Manor Farm
Today,We will share some information about Manor Farm for you,The below details that all you need to know.Manor Farm is a farm located north of East Ardougne. Owned by Granny Potterington,Manor Farm is the main hub for the player-owned farm , it houses several animal pens, a few farming patches, and her house. The north-western corner of the farm is connected to the Mill Road Mill.The northern section of the farm hosts a compost bin, 2 allotment patches, 1 flower patch, and 1 herb patch. Nearby the patches are Kragen, who can be paid to look after the allotments, and a tool...
Publish Time:10/29/2018 5:43:23 PM
Learn Plague Doctor Informations
The Plague Doctor is active now in game until Oct 29.The below are all Informations about it that we share for you.Please read carefully now.During this event,you need to finish the tasks with 4 levels of prestige (level 1-30, 31-60, 61-80 & 81+) to gain a bunch of rewards after clicking a plague task list on Treasure Hunter.The below are some tasks:1.Level 1-30:Speak to Hans with the gas mask (made by Edmond’s wife during Plague City quest or dropped by the mourner for Mourning's End Part I) worn. 2.Level 31-60:Harvest an apple from an apple tree.Farming level 27 3...
Publish Time:10/26/2018 4:50:48 PM
OSRS collection log coming soon
OSRS collection log currently in progress ,Will coming soon,Now,Let's learn some informations first.The collection log will be an in-game interface to show how many of each unique drop you have gained. It will not log any tradeable drops retroactively which was received before its release, but log some untradeable drops such as pets and fire capes. The collection log tracks whether you ever obtained the item or pet, which means that it will remain in your collection log if you lose it.Now,more than 90% of the votes agree add an in-game collection log,So OSRS collection ...
Publish Time:10/24/2018 5:29:23 PM
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