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Some Mobile Content Change details
For those of you with access to mobile, please do make sure you update Old School RuneScape as and when a new version is made live!The below is some changes,Please keep your eyes on here.1.When searching for items in the bank, the chatbox will now also display a count of how many items have been found meeting the search criteria. 2.After tapping the battery indicator to display your current charge percentage, you can now tap it again to dismiss this.3.Quick-prayers can now be activated whilst the World map is minimised.4.You are now able to tap anywhere within the chatbox t...
Publish Time:7/16/2018 5:25:31 PM
Some Polled change informations
Today,We will see the Polled change details,You can read th following informations carefully,Hope can do some help for you.1.Travelling via Spirit TreesTravel's current option replaces the Talk-to option on the Spirit tree. This change only applies to players who have completed the Tree Gnome Village mission. Please note that accessing the Spirit tree in Gnome Stronghold requires access to The Grand Tree as usual.2.Pet RocksAskeladden now has a right-click option which allows you to claim multiple Pet rocks before completion of The Fremennik Trials.3.Grotesque Guardians...
Publish Time:7/13/2018 4:29:20 PM
Some details about RuneScape Elite Dungeons 2
The RuneScape Elite Dungeons 2-RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory will be released at the end of July,Now,let's see some details first.Basic informations about RuneScape Elite Dungeons 2This dungeon is located east of the Demonic Ruins on a peninsula north of Daemonheim in some ruins. In order to attempt a raid, players must have successfully completed the Temple of Aminishi elite dungeon in normal mode at least once.The Dragonkin Lab is made up of three bosses: Astellarn, First Celestial, Verak Lith and an unnamed third boss. The boss's difficulties should be the same ...
Publish Time:7/11/2018 5:26:02 PM
The Way to get Ancient shard
Today,We will provide you some guides to get Ancient shard,Please read the following details carefully.rs4uk offers Runescape gold cheap at the lowest prices and we do everything we can to improve your Runescape gaming experience. All you need to do is provide us the essential information we ask for, as well as your Runescape display name so that we can deliver your order in a safe and instant manner. We strive for delivery of Cheap Runescape Gold to take 1-10 minutes or less once the order is successfully confirmed. We are best at what we do and our highest priority is to ...
Publish Time:7/9/2018 5:21:11 PM
Some Dragonfire Changes
There have a highly reputable and innovative RS gold cheap seller which offers the most exclusive pricing and the fastest delivery service. We are dedicated to helping you to buy RS gold cheap at fair price and to get your gold delivered to you as soon as possible.So choose RS4UK.COM ,Will never let your down.Today, on RS4UK.COM,You will find more details about Dragonfire,Please pay attention to the following informations.Players are now required to have started Dragon Slayer in order to use any form of Anti-fire protection. This Including:1.The Anti-Dragon shield2.The char...
Publish Time:7/6/2018 4:29:20 PM
RuneScape Live informations and buy cheap RS gold
Today, We will provide you some Orchestral event RuneScape Live informations,Pay attention to the following details.Remember to buy cheap RS gold with big off on rs4uk.The brand new orchestral show, led by the world famous Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, will kick off the weekend at Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, with 15 years of Gielinorian music to enjoy together. There’ll be plenty of food and drink to keep you going through the evening, along with a few surprises here and there.RS4uk always offers you the cheapest RS gold Welcome to RS4uk , one of t...
Publish Time:7/4/2018 5:22:58 PM
The RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory details
This month we will be able to explore the second Elite Dungeon - RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory,Now,Let's learn some details about it first.Basic informations about Dragonkin LaboratoryAs with the first Elite Dungeon (Temple of Aminishi, which was launched last month), the Dragonkin Lab is for up to three players, and it becomes easier the more players you bring. It also comes with a Story Mode, reducing the challenge at the same time as the rewards, making it a fine experience for almost any player, regardless of ability.The second elite dungeon will be released in Jul...
Publish Time:7/2/2018 5:22:10 PM
Some details about RuneScape Runepass Event and buy cheap 07 Rs Gold
A pilot event named Runepass will be release in next week,Now,Let's learn some informations about it.How long will it last?There will be a pilot event for a new rewards system - Runepass implemented into game next week, running until Sunday July 15.During this time,There are various challenges and tasks in order for you to progress through its levels, while also awarding you with progress for just earning XP in any part of the game. In addation, because of the two prize tracks, you will be able to play along the free path, or pay a small price for the Golden Track.rs4uk...
Publish Time:6/29/2018 4:41:09 PM
Where is the best place to buy runescape gold?
Welcome to rs4uk--a well-known and innovative RS low-cost gold seller that offers the most unique pricing and fastest delivery service. We are committed to helping you purchase RS gold at a reasonable price and deliver your gold to you as soon as possible.We provides secure trading methods and fastest delivery,We will designate a place to deal with you. Feel free to contact us and our on-site support staff will be happy to help you instantly.RS4UK guarantees that once your order confirmation is successful, the entire process will be completed within 1-10 minutes. We strive ...
Publish Time:6/27/2018 5:13:09 PM
Learn some guides about RuneScape Deadliest Catch
Our rs4uk store always provide you some guides for you play the Runescape game,Today,We will tell you how to complete the RuneScape Deadliest Catch Quest ,Please focus on here. Some informations The Deadliest Catch is a RuneScape quest for Master,First,You need to speak to Fisherman Jones next to the Fishing Guild bank.Then you should prepare 3 Herblore, 67 Hunter, 70 Thieving and 70 Fishing. Some rewards Once you completing RuneScape Deadliest Catch quest,You will get: 1.70,000 Fishing XP, 26,000 Hunter XP, 8,000 Thieving XP.2.Wieldable fishing nets.3.Experience and any lo...
Publish Time:6/25/2018 5:25:15 PM
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