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Learn RS Valkyries Return informations
RS 2019 Winter event – Valkyries Return is coming,The below are all details about it,Let's learn together now!And at the same time,Remember to buy Rs gold cheap 2019.During RuneScape Valkyries Return event, you can kill three wolves found in the Fremennik Province: Hati,Fenrir and Skoll.The below are some introductions:1.HatiIt has a combat level of 84. He uses fairly weak melee and magic attacks that is area of effect, meaning it also damages other players and summoning familiars near his target.2.Fenrir It has a combat level of 84. He can rain down fiery meteors onto...
Publish Time:1/16/2019 5:33:41 PM
Konar's Drop Table changes
Today,Let's see the OSRS latest update about Konar's Drop Table balancing,Now,Let's learn Konar's Drop Table changes together.OSRS team makes some small changes on Konar's drop table for this weekend.The below are all changes and details:1.Add a new Mystic set with a Mount Karuulm colour scheme,including top, bottom, gloves, boots and hat.2.Add Coins as a potential drop3.Alchables Rune armour (like Rune platebody) with a stable value added to spread the value of the drops more evenly.4.Replace the raw shark drop with a fish drop. The type given will depe...
Publish Time:1/14/2019 5:39:04 PM
Some OSRS Konar Informations
OSRS Kebos Lowlands has released,Now,Let's learn all informations together.And remember to buy cheap RS gold on here.Some New Slayer Master Assignments There are some new Slayer Creatures with Kebos Lowlands update can be assigned as a slayer task by Konar,They are:1.Hydra Located within the Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, are assigned exclusively by Konar quo Maten. They use both ranged and magic attacks. Hydras have a chance to drop three untradeable ring pieces and a Hydra tail which is an attachment for the Dragonbone necklace.Requires level 95 Slayer to kill.2.Sulphu...
Publish Time:1/11/2019 5:08:13 PM
RuneScape Player Gallery informations
RuneScape Player Gallery is one of the RS 18 birthday celebration events,Do you know it? Now,Let's learn all details together.This event has started on January 4th,End at 23:59 BST on Thursday January 31st, 2019,Before the deadline,You can join in by create an art (photo, drawing, painting, music, etc.) that highlights your best memory in RS, and post it on your Facebook,Instagram or Twitter account with the tag #RuneScape18Years.Or you can send your art directly to the official email address for this competition: The RS team will vote to choose ...
Publish Time:1/9/2019 5:34:31 PM
Player Owned Farm & Farming details
The final Winter Weekend is now here!Player Owned Farm & Farming is arriving,Now,Let's see all informations about it.How long will it last?This Winter Weekend has arriving at 12:00 UTC on last Friday, Jan. 4th.It will end at 12:00 UTC Jan. 7. And you'll receive the following bonuses while taking part at Manor Farm or by just doing Farming:Player Owned Farm1.Wile you are playing in the Player Owned Farm, it is more likely to be shiny in your farm, and the animals and plants in your farm can enjoy increased chances of breeding. 2.More beans from selling animals.In...
Publish Time:1/7/2019 5:32:29 PM
RS Anniversary Cake Return Informations
There have a RuneScape Anniversary Cake to celebrate the arriving of RS 18 birthday,Now,Let's see all details now.RS 18th anniversary arrives on January 4, 2019.To celebrate its birthday,The RS Anniversary cake can be automatically obtained in your inventory upon login, and eaten every 3 minutes to replenish upmostly 2,200 life points at level 88 Constitution, which is the minimum level requirement to receive full healing from this food. The replenishment from the Anniversary Cake increases as your Constitution level gets higher.And it remains usable for one week. Moreo...
Publish Time:1/4/2019 5:24:08 PM
RS 18th Anniversary Informations
The RS 18th Anniversary is coming soon ,Now,Let's learn all details about it.RS 18th birthday is coming on Jan 4th, players logging in the game at that day will receive a RuneScape Anniversary Cake as the celebration gift.The RuneScape Anniversary Cake will be automatically placed in your inventory upon login. You can eat the cake every 3 minutes to replenish a maximum of 2,200 life points at level 88 Constitution, which scaled according to your level.What's more,there will be some videos, the chance to win some nice goodies throughout the month, some in-game balloo...
Publish Time:1/2/2019 5:30:42 PM
Trollweiss mountain Informations
Today,We will share some Trollweiss mountain Informations for you,Read carefully now.Basic informations about Trollweiss mountain Trollweiss Mountain is the huge snowy mountain in the Troll Country,Also Trollweiss Mountain is one of the largest mountains in RuneScape. It is covered year-round in a thick layer of ice and snow, and powerful winds constantly sweep across it. Because of its harsh environment, little can survive on it apart from ice wolves, large evergreen trees, and the endangered Trollweiss flower.There are no settlements on Trollweiss Mountain, although troll...
Publish Time:12/29/2018 1:37:26 PM
Celebration Lamps TH Informations and buy cheap Rs gold
Celebration Lamps return on tomorrow,Now,let's learn all informations about it.Celebration Lamps will start at 00:00 UTC on December 27th, and end at 23:59 UTC on January 1st 2019. Within the five days in between, there will be a selection of Celebration Lamps in Treasure Hunter to provide XP boosters in all skills. If you use more than one celebration lamp, you will gain up to 10% more XP from each lamp. Additionally, the 10% XP buff is also available. However, you should note that combat XP can be deactivated, and the gained stats won’t be redistributed to other skill...
Publish Time:12/26/2018 5:34:13 PM
RS Bank Rework and Bank Placeholders latest news
The RS team announced that the bank rework and bank placeholders have been shelved,The below are all infomations .A bank is a facility in RS that allows players to deposit, store and withdraw their items, while Bank placeholder allows players to put the same item into multiple bank tabs.In the Runescape Reveals segment at RuneFest 2016, it was first mentioned the bank update was under development. The bank rework was once planned to release during the second half of 2017, This year, the updates are declared to be shelved.Mod Hunter then explained that everything has been sh...
Publish Time:12/24/2018 5:34:59 PM
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