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Rs4uk 2017 Christmas Sale for Free RS gold and Cheap RS Accounts
As the step to Christmas is closer to us, RS4uk 2017 Christmas Sale drop on Friday this week. Free RS gold and items are offered, cheap RS accounts shown on the product list. More details please read below. When will 2017 Christmas Sale starts? 2017 Christmas Sale will be started on Dec. 15, 2017, and ended up until Jan. 15, 2018. During this time, all discounts could be used on our site. How many discounts you can get from RS4uk Christmas Sale? 1. 20% off with code 'rs4uk' to buy all kinds of RS accounts.2. Free gold and items are offered to save your mon...
Publish Time:2017/12/13 14:43:49
The Deadman Spring Season 2018 is coming
Last week, Deadman Winter Finals has ended up, and Old School Runescape announced Deadman Spring is now live. If you attend now, you have a chance to enter the top 2000 of the 2018 Deadman Spring Finals! Fierce competition, rewards unbelievable. Now you can see all these weeks in the official Old School RuneScape Twitter. And you can watch all the action on Twitch in the coming weeks. Catch this upcoming season. Good luck to you! And buy the cheapest Deadman RS Gold for the Christmas OSRS 2017 preparations. Rs4uk Christmas sale will be coming soon. Following to us always...
Publish Time:2017/12/11 17:56:27
OSRS Christmas Events 2017 and Twelve Days PVM
Welcome to, now let's see what's new in Runescape next week. The OSRS Christmas Event 2017 and Twelve days of PvM. OSRS Christmas Event 2017OSRS Christmas Event 2017 is scheduled for release on Monday, December 11, not the usual Thursday. This will be the last scheduled update for 2017. Runescape officials introduced an in-game image showing a combination of Blue Party Hat and Santa Hat. In addition, they also revealed that there will be a rude reindeer at Christmas 2017. This event was designed by Mod Ash, developed by Mod Mod and works by Mod Ghost. Eve...
Publish Time:2017/12/8 18:52:12
Deadman Winer Finals Tips & Prizes
2017 Runescape Deadman Winter Finals live until Saturday December 9, and finally at the Permadeath stage. This time, you will encounter more challenges and get more. Town Protection & PK Skulls1. High level patrol major towns on the map.2. Attack player's standard skulls timer is 15 minutes. If you have been skulled and then attack another player, the timer will be extended by 2 minutes.3. For all players, the skull penalty will last for 5 minutes. And there is a 1 minute grace period for reasonable kills. XP gainIn the 2017 Runescape Deadman Winter Finals. There ...
Publish Time:2017/12/6 14:40:15
Menaphos & Sophanem on 8-11th December
Hello, Runescape fans, the Menaphos & Sophanem dropping on 8-11th December, double XP from Plover bird hunting, 25% increased Slayer experience and so on. More details shared by below. New City Quests appear twice as fast after completion of a City Quest.75% increased experience from Shifting Tombs.50% increased reputation in Menaphos. Increased chance to receive Menaphite Gift Offerings.25% increased Slayer experience within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Bonus chance of jewelled statuettes while wearing a ring of wealth and doubled chance of sceptre of the god...
Publish Time:2017/12/4 17:49:07
Runescape: Advent Calendar
Today is the 1st December, the new month coming and the Christmas advent countdown begins! Besides, Runescape have more different promotion to celebrate the Christmas. Learn more details now. From 00:00 on 1/12 to 23:59 on 25/12, you will see different promotions every day in treasure hunts, and open your Advent Calendar for free daily gifts. How to open Advent Calendar?On the Community tab, you'll see the calendar that appears, and every day you can open a new door and get great prizes. The prize will be related to the treasure hunter of the day, so be sure to check it...
Publish Time:2017/12/1 17:24:56
Runescape Evil Dave & Festive Aura
Runescape Evil Dave Quest is now available. Here is RS Evil Dave reward, request and other tips for you. Visit Evil Dave Quest's requestBecome a member of RunescapeAt least 30 herblore, magic, agility and cooking;Complete disaster recipe. Where do you find Runescape Evil Dave?To start the Evil Dave mission, you will need to head to Edgeville to enter the southeastern magnet house and down to Evil Dave's Doom Basement.There, you need to call a group of hell mice and smuggle them through the Shantay Pass:The first hell mouse: Ask Shantay to open the coconut, add a rat...
Publish Time:2017/11/29 18:01:43
RuneScape Prime Club 2018 and What Can We Get?
Apart from a huge discount, the 2018 Gold Prime Club members will also receive horrible Hellion armor, Hellion Aura, +1 daily treasure hunt keys and a monthly new Premier Club Vault. You can also get your own Q & As, a monthly draw, up to 150,000 loyalty points, and more! Powerful Hellion Aura4 beneficial effects you can enjoy with Hellion Aura.This rechargeable godfather can not only increase your XP by 10% within one hour of your activationCan provide an additional + 10% increase in XP for those around you and others around youAllow a free death reclaimWhen cooling an...
Publish Time:2017/11/27 18:01:19
Revenant Caves Coming to Old School Runescape
Known as if not the best way to make money related to the wilderness. Undead Caves are filled with higher-level wilderness monsters and new NPC Revenants. In addition to providing a great way to harness the wilderness killers, you can expect to earn attractive profits while training here! All monsters in the cave are included in the list of wilder killer monsters, of which Revenants are newest. Some of them will prove rather challenging to fail, so make sure you get ready for the Revenant Caves! The requirement to enter Revenant CavesThe shortest required agility level is ...
Publish Time:2017/11/24 18:30:53
Premier Club Vault on Friday and Upcoming RuneScape Premier Club 2018
Before November 30, each member has free access to the new D&D "Premier Club Vault", you can open the box for huge rewards. Meanwhile, RuneScape Premier Club 2018 will be launched on Friday. We want to share some details with you. Some tips and rewards at Premier Club VaultThe new D&D - RuneScape Premier Club Vault lets you open as many boxes. Every member has free access to this D&D at any time until November 30. It can still be offered monthly for Gold Premier Club members. Rewards:Medium Prismatic Lamp 1 Prismatic Medium Fallen Star 1...
Publish Time:2017/11/22 18:06:43
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