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Quality of Life Change details and buy RS Gold for sale
Let's see this week quality of Life Changes, And remember to come RS4UK to buy cheap RS gold for sale.Some changes1.Right-Click Option to Claim Pure Essence from Wizard Cromperty 2.After the completion of the Ardougne Medium, Hard, and Elite diaries,Wizard Cromperty now has a right-click option to claim your daily Pure essence 3.Salve Amulet Enchanting Added to the Make-X System 4.All Salve amulets in your inventory, up to the amount you choose, will be instantly enchanted. If you can only enchant one Salve amulet, the make-x interface will not appear and it will instan...
Publish Time:9/21/2018 5:01:11 PM
Choose RS4uk to buy RS Gold
We all know that the prices of Runescape gold is changing always and this brings us to online Runescape gold marketplace ushering on the internet. As RS Gold price value per million keeps changing. The only thing we can be assured of prices the when you get at the checkout.So,How to choose a site to place an order and receive your runescape gold safe and fast?Good ReputationThe marketplace is running and operating its business many years now which is a long time to get experienced and through this, they have come a long way by the dedication and effort to offer you the best...
Publish Time:9/19/2018 5:28:48 PM
Details and Guides to Smouldering Stone
Do you know what is Smouldering Stone ? Now,Let's learn together.A smouldering stone is a stone dropped by Cerberus and much more rarely, hellhounds. It can be used to upgrade the dragon axe, dragon harpoon, and dragon pickaxe into the infernal axe, infernal harpoon, and infernal pickaxe, respectively. These infernal tools have 5,000 charges and once fully depleted, another stone or corresponding dragon tool must be used to recharge it.Smouldering stone is necessary to make some infernal tools which have special uses.Smouldering stone has rare chance to be dropped by Ce...
Publish Time:9/17/2018 5:33:11 PM
Some Slayer Helm Informations and buy RS Gold cheap
This week the old school team have done tweaked to the color of the Slayer helm,So the standard and imbued versions are visually distinct. Consider taking on the Nightmare Zone and gain enough points to upgrade yours to the imbued (i) version allowing it's bonuses to apply to your ranged and magic attacks too. When wearing the Slayer helmet at 10 Defence on a slayer task, you will gain a melee boost of 16.67% against slayer tasks. And when it is upgraded to a Slayer helmet (i) with 1,250,000 Nightmare Zone reward points, there will be a 15 damage boost to Magic and Rang...
Publish Time:9/14/2018 4:55:38 PM
Some details about Dragon in Player-Owned Farm
Player-owned Farm has been released a week,Today, we will share some dragon details for you.Green dragons are the weakest of the four adult chromatic dragons and the weakest adult dragon with a combat level of 63, which can be found in various locations throughout the Wilderness as well as the Chaos Tunnels. They mainly attack with magic, and it is not recommended to fight them with melee as the dragons have moderately high melee defence and will deal consistent damage with the magic attacks.To obtain the green dragon RuneScape in player-owned farm, you need to get the gree...
Publish Time:9/12/2018 5:29:22 PM
Some new fire released in Make Friends with My Arm
Today,We will introduce some new fire released in Make Friends with My Arm for you, Focus on it.If you complete the quest Making Friends with My Arm ,the trolls will build you another disease-free herb patch, as well as teaching you advanced Firemaking techniques invented by the Weiss trolls, letting you create permanent fires in designated fire pit sites across RuneScape. Introduce of the new Fire1.Fire of Eternal LightA white flame acting as an inextinguishable light source; requiring Construction level 35 to build and light up a fire pit with this fire; 3 locations to li...
Publish Time:9/10/2018 5:20:11 PM
Old School RuneScape on mobile Informations
Developer Jagex announced that you can get started with RuneScape on your mobile at the end of next month. On the 30th of October the 11 year old MMORPG will come to your tablet or smartphone, under the name Old School RuneScape.The below are all informations.When Old School RuneScape comes out at the end of October, crossplay with PC is possible and some adjustments have been made that let RuneScape run smoother on your mobile. These tweaks consist of an optimized interface, touchscreen control and a one-touch action button that you can adjust yourself.For Android players:...
Publish Time:9/7/2018 5:03:23 PM
RuneScape Rainbow Lizard Informations
RuneScape Rainbow’s End Treasure Hunter promotion is coming in September, Let's see this time what can you gain from Rainbow’s End Treasure Hunter as the new prize.Almost with each return of Rainbow’s End, there will be some new rewards released simultaneously,From the September Month Ahead it reveals there will be a new reward – RuneScape rainbow lizard. Which has a colour-changing tail and crest.And it’s said this new reward will make you the center of any party. Why acquire RuneScape Gold on RS4UK.COM? Acquiring RuneScape gold offers you the potential to spend far mo...
Publish Time:9/5/2018 5:27:12 PM
Master Clue Scroll Reward Competition Informations and Ghostly Robes changes
The old school runescape team is hosting a reward design competition.The below are all details.The design competition is for a cosmetic item to be rewarded to players upon completion of 100 master level clue scrolls.This can be an item for any equipment slot or a whole outfit .You should email your entries to community mailbox; attached as a JPEG file, including your RuneScape display name (the name of your character in-game) and using the subject line Master Clue Reward Competition. Please noted that keep them simple if you include any icons or...
Publish Time:8/31/2018 4:57:25 PM
Double XP Weekend informations and buy cheap rs gold
It's time for Double XP Weekend! The below are some informations about it,Please read carefully now!How long will it last?Double XP Weekend, lasting from 12:00 UTC on 31st August until 12:00 UTC on 3rd September.What you should do?You'll have to be a member to get the full +100% bonus, which applies to the majority of combat and skilling activities. What's more, is that free players get +20% XP bonus as well!Somethings of what you can expect this week1.The Desert Amulet 4 now has the ability to teleport the player to the Ruins of Uzer.2.Burthorpe Games Room, Gia...
Publish Time:8/29/2018 5:28:28 PM
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