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The 5th Birthday of Old School Runescape
Old School RuneScape turns 5 years old on the 22nd February, and therr will have a very special three hour stream planned to celebrate the birthday of OSRS. We'll have more information and cheap OSRS gold for you coming soon. Recently one new picture of OSRS 5th Birthday event has been revealed on Old School official Twitter, which tells us Crunchy and Tim will be there during the event. If you still don’t know who they are, you can read more about these two characters below. OSRS Crunchy and Tim are two characters who have been found in the Falador Party Room during t...
Publish Time:2018/2/12 17:43:26
OSRS: New Improvements for Wilderness Rejuvenation
This week, to improve the game experience of Wilderness Rejuvenation. There have some improvements in game. Such as Mage Arena II, Revenant Drop Table and others. The details is below. Improvements of Mage Arena II The three bosses' appearance and their mechanics have updated. Besides, the lore surrounding Kolodion and the three bosses have expanded also. Porazdir. Once one of Samorak's most trusted generals. He is now wandering in the wilderness, dead on his way.Justiciar Zachariah. Saradomin the last remaining one. He relentlessly pursued Porazdir on his behalf.D...
Publish Time:2018/2/9 17:49:36
Cavern of Tainted Memories-Treasure Hunt
Cavern of Tainted Memories add in Treasure Hunt. Now let's look more information about the Cavern. How to enter the Cavern of Tainted Memories?During the promotion period, you have free access to the Cavern through the Burthorpe portal daily. If you want to enter in it multiple times per day, you need to get tickets from TH or GE. Please pay attention that each can only stay in the cave 2 minutes and 30 seconds. What are the rewards of the Cavern of Tainted Memoriese?In the Cavern, you can collect the Tainted wisps for a limited time and collect as many Tainted as poss...
Publish Time:2018/2/7 17:29:48
Changes for Ninja Project, Clue Scroll Overhaul, Mimic Boss and More in Feb
Although February is the shortest month in a year. there are so many changes about Runescape this month. Such as Ninja Project, Clue Scroll Overhaul, Mimic Boss etc. You can read the details below. New Changes for Ninja Project The Crystallize spell can be recast at the same skill level without waiting for the previous cast to expire.You will have a special kill allocation option of "Do not ask me again", which can be switched with the killer master by the opponent's choice.You can raid through the nest as if they were shrimp balls.There will be more quick ch...
Publish Time:2018/2/5 17:37:12
OSRS: QoL Month and Leather Shields
QoL month OSRS has started with 4 areas: PvM, Skilling, PvP, Minigames and others. Besides, do you wish to use one-handed ranged weapons? Leather Shields is a best choice for you. Now let's reading more information about QoL Month and Leather Shields..QoL MonthThe Old School QoL month has arrived. Make sure your vote! The poll will end on February 5 and most of content will be on February 8 as part of next game update! The areas of focus are: Week 1 - PvMWeek 2 - SkillingWeek 3 - PvPWeek 4 - Minigames and other You can see all the voting questions on the PvM poll blog a...
Publish Time:2018/2/2 17:11:40
Lava Lanterns Return and OSRS Mobile Beta Invitation
Good news for Runescape players. The Lava Lanterns return to Treasure Hunter, bring a lot of XP! Furthermore, the OSRS Mobile Beta has invited 2000 players to attend this tests. Have you received the invitations? Les's look more now! Lava Lanterns with 200% XPFrom 00:00 game time on the 31st January through to 23:59 game time on the 5th February, win the Lava Lantern for the treasure hunter. You can get 100% of the regular XP and the same amount of Bonus XP from each lantern, which means a total of 200% XP! OSRS Mobile Beta InvitationThe first OSRS Mobile beta test invi...
Publish Time:2018/1/31 17:16:30
Wilderness Rejuvenation II: Changes for Mage Arena 2 and Revenant Caves
This week Wilderness Rejuvenation II has more new changes, including the Mage Arena 2 and Revenant Caves. Here are the information about new changes. Mage Arena 2 Changes1. The water droplets in the Revenant Cave have been adjusted to better match the GP rate being investigated.2. Master Arena 2 boss mechanism has changed slightly to make it feel more challenging.3. With the new assets to create a Master Arena 2 boss graphics.4. Twisted bow will no longer be reliable against the boss.5 expanded the Mage Arena 2 story. Now closer to the typical legend. New Boss: Guthix Ent ...
Publish Time:2018/1/29 17:17:50
New Changes for Barbarian Assault
This week, OSRS have some new improvements for Barbarian Assault. Here is the details as below. Don't forget to buy OSRS gold here. What new changes for Barbarian Assault?1. Added a new range of arrows, but can only be used in mini games. These are as follows: Bullet Arrows, Field Arrows, Blunt Arrows, Barbed Arrows.2. Added Wrath runes to dispenser, and increase the number you give.3. These new arrows will replace the current Bronze to Mithril arrows that are dispensed in the game with the same rules as the arrows. Increases Attack bonus by 46 and Ranged Strength bonus...
Publish Time:2018/1/26 17:25:06
New Faceless Assassins with Various Rewards
The new assassin has come out of the shadow of Gielinor's land. During this time you need to complete the task of assassin contract. Then you can win various rewards. The specific time of Faceless AssassinsFrom 00:00 game time on Wednesday 24th January through to 23:59 game time on Monday 29th January. How to win the award of the Assassin’s Contract?Complete the Assassin Contract mission and get amazing new awards, including the awesome "Faceless Assassin" outfit. In this promotion, open the "Treasure Hunter" (notice: iron man must speak to Diango), ...
Publish Time:2018/1/24 15:28:10
New Quest of OSRS: Making Friends with My Arm
The new quest of OSRS "Making Friends with My Arm" should be released this year in 2018. Besides, the new city of Ice Trolls "Weiss" will be updated together. And you can learn more information below. When will the Making Friends with My Arm be released?This Troll 's quest was first mentioned as an update in 2017 during RuneFest 2016, with Inferno and Fossil Islands also being announced and scheduled to be released. But at the 2017 RuneFest conference, "Making Friends with My Arm" will be launched in 2018. Hope this year could see this ques...
Publish Time:2018/1/22 17:29:44
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