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RuneScpae London servers Maintenance on 25th April
Hello RuneScape players! According to RuneScape official, they'll be performing maintenance on London servers starting from 06:30AM game time. This maintenance will last for 8 hours, and during this time some game worlds will be offline during this period! But you can play the game on worlds hosted in other locations, we recommend temporarily switching the default world to an unaffected world during maintenance. Those Worlds will be affected:1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 18, 22, 27, 29, 31, 33, 39, 42, 44, 45, 46, 48, 52, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 70, 76, 77, 79, 89, 103, 104, 116, ...
Publish Time:2018/4/25 10:14:23
Waiting the Released of the OSRS Moss Giant Boss: Bryophyta
As early as October 2016, Runescape released Obor, a giant Hill Giant boss who was brought into life through community advice. The latest OSRS press conference revealed the information of the boss of Moss Giant: Before the investigation, Bryophyta OSRS will be released in the game later this week. Now learn more information about this Moss Giant Boss: Bryophyta. The Information of the Moss Giant BossThe Bryophyta OSRS is an ancient and mysterious Giant Boss, located east of Vannaka and within the Varrock sewer near the deadly red spider. Its nest is located on the north sid...
Publish Time:2018/4/24 14:22:28
Runescape New Challenge Mode for Chambers of Xeric
The New Challenge Mode for Chambers of Xeric is coming. Now let's look for more details about it and the rewards below! Remember to buy cheap Rs Gold here. The information of Challenge ModeWith the upcoming Theatre of Blood, a linear raid challenge, every room is generated in the same order each time it enters, and will certainly emphasize the need for teamwork and push the team to get the fastest team completion time, hoping it will give You have a similar experience for the Hay Chamber. At the start of each attack, rooms in Xeric Chambers will be randomly generated. S...
Publish Time:2018/4/18 18:16:41
Looking Forward Elite Dungeons This Summer
This summer, there are something new in the form of Elite Dungeons. This starts with the Temple of Aminishi, home to the guardian beast Seiryu and its followers. Now let's see more information about it. Runescape team really wanted to treat dungeons as experiences fearful of what is around the next corner. This means that you can experience the Elite Dungeons as a solo player, but be careful because it will be very difficult. Or, you can join with your friends to form a team of up to three people to get a slightly less challenging experience. But if you are only intere...
Publish Time:2018/4/16 17:35:14
OSRS: Updates for Quality of Life
This week some new changes of Quality of Life updated. Such as Curved Bone, Long bone and OSRS Twisted bow. Let’s learn more QoL changes below. Selling Long bone and Curved Bone for More XPNow Selling the Long bone and Curved Bone to Barlak, you will gained 3 times XP as much as before. That means Curved bones OSRS will now grant 6750 Construction XP and Long bones will grant 4500 Construction XP if you handed in. Changes for OSRS Twisted bowThe formula for the accuracy and the damage adjustment value of the Twisted bow has been improved to better handle NPCs with unusuall...
Publish Time:2018/4/13 18:53:41
About OSRS Mobile iOS Beta Invitation You Need to Know
Have you receive this invitation? The Old School RuneScape Mobile iOS beta invitation has been sent to 5,431 players. Now let's learn more information about it! What should you do next when you receive the invitation?Each invited player will receive a message from the RuneScape Message Center for the registered RuneScape account and the registered email address for the registered RuneScape account. Include a code in the email that verifies the information contained in the inbox email, which does not need to be entered anywhere. These players can then begin testing OSRS ...
Publish Time:2018/4/11 18:08:33
Join RuneScape Game Jam 2018 and Enjoy Cheap RS Gold
As a community event sponsored by Jagex to showcase upcoming content, the RuneScape Game Jam 2018 will be launched soon. In addition, do you want to get more cheap Runescape Gold? Please read more below. RuneScape Jam 2018 is coming this weekendThe RuneScape Game Jam 2018 will be held on April 13 and will be held this weekend. As a community event, Jagex moderators will show their early developments on content creation during live streaming, as well as getting feedback from players and suggestions for future updates. You may find some potential content while watching the li...
Publish Time:2018/4/9 17:45:10
Ninja Week Returned and the Last Time to Enter Player Gallery
Ninja Week has returned, have you prepared for it? And it is the last chance to enter Player Gallery. Let's look the details now! New patches for Ninja WeekHere comes the Ninja Week. And there are a round of patches implemented in game.Some highlights of this patch week include Aura Management changes, allowing you to combine your augmented degrade to dust equipment. What about new familiar overrides, to boss health bars and Cosmetics? Besides, there also have some patches Quests, Challenges, Achievements,Skills, D&Ds and Minigames. You can read all of the fixes an...
Publish Time:2018/4/4 17:58:30
RuneScape Safecracking Come to Us This Month
In April this year, Runescape will introduce a new Thieveing ??training method - Safecracking. This will be an expansion of the Thieves’ Guild. The Requirements for RuneScape SafecrackingThe new Thieveing ??training method 'Safecracking' is provided for us on Runescape. It is designed for 65-95 level thieves. This is a new training method that unlocks after completing the buyer and Cellars quest and the related capers. When the level 1 men and women watch greedily at Kings, queens, and bigwigs, you can go to various castles or stay around the world and start raidin...
Publish Time:2018/4/2 17:43:51
Tips of OSRS Easter Event 2018
Since March 29, Easter Event have begun to come to Old School RuneScape. To complete this event for rewards, see the OSRS Easter Event 2018 guide below. What items do you need to collect during the Easter Event 2018?Burnt MeatUsing cooking tips produces burnt meat by failing to cook raw meat. You can also intentionally make burnt meat by cooking a piece of cooked meat.Draynor Manor CabbagePicked Cabbage in Draynor Manor. Please note that normal cabbage cannot be used.OSRS Garlic How to complete the Easter Event 2018?1. The starting point of this event is at the southern ent...
Publish Time:2018/3/30 17:29:20
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