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OSRS Blade of Saeldor Informations
OSRS Blade of Saeldor will coming soon,The below are all details you need to know about it,Please read carefully now.Blade of Saeldor is a new weapon planned to release with OSRS Song of the Elves update. The broken Blade of Saeldor is a sword equivalent of the Ghrazi rapier, which can be obtained after completing the Gauntlet OSRS.And it's a new solo PvM minigame as one of the new contents in Prifddinas.It requires 75 attack to equip with an attack speed of 4.What's more,After obtaining the broken Blade of Saeldor OSRS, you need to repair it as this form is tradeab...
Publish Time:5/20/2019 5:27:14 PM
Seed Vault Improvements and buy rs 2007 cheap gold
Here are latest Seed Vault changes, If you are interested in it,Please pay close attention on the following informations.1.Saplings Previously, only seeds were able to be placed in the Seed Vault.Now,fully grown saplings may now be stored within the Seed Vault. 2.Searching You may now search for seeds and saplings with a search functionality in the Seed Vault. Like the search functionality found in the bank interface, the Seed Vault interface will automatically update as you type in the search box. 3.Placeholders The Seed Vault now contains placeholders. Removing all seeds ...
Publish Time:5/17/2019 2:19:47 PM
Learn Crystal Armour Informations
OSRS Crystal Armour will be released in game with the Song of the Elves update.Now,let's see some details first.This is a new ranged armour set,The following table are list all stats of Crystal Armour,Please see it on the below:When all three pieces are worn, you will receive a 15% damage boost and a 30% accuracy boost to the Crystal bow. This will apply partially when wearing individual pieces of the set. This means a 3% damage boost will be given for each item worn with an extra 6% if the full set is worn, giving 15% in total. Similarly, a 6% accuracy boost will be gi...
Publish Time:5/13/2019 5:29:57 PM
Clan Quality of Life changes
Please check the below Clan Quality of Life changes and dertails,It will help you in daily clan work.1.A special broadcast will fire to your clan every three months during your first year, and then again on your ‘clanniversary’ every year after that:2.New clan keywords “Discord’ and ‘Invention’ are added as the old one ‘RuneScape 2007renamed to ‘Old School RuneScape’.3.‘Discord’ and ‘Invention’ have been added to the list of clan keywords.4.When viewing a clan's Noticeboard, the title will now be the name of the clan.5.Clan Noticeboard now becomes alphabetised with ‘aba...
Publish Time:5/9/2019 1:34:13 PM
Learn RS Desperate Times informations
RS Desperate Times is coming around the corner,Now,Let's see some details first.RS Desperate Times is planned to release on May 10, 2019. As a new part of epic Elder Gods storyline, the soon-to-be quest RS3 Desperate Times is going to allow you to attend Seren’s council and find a way to stop the Elder Gods from erasing all life on Gielinor. There will be some difficulty as the demands are large and the races are not united. You can team up with Thok and Kerapac RuneScape to visit the Needle, solve some strange puzzles, and discover key moments in the recent history of ...
Publish Time:5/6/2019 5:28:02 PM
Latest news about OSRS and buy OSRS gold
Old School RS has been nominated for Best Breakthrough Game at 2019 Google Play Awards.The below are all details you need to know.Announced in 2016, Google Play Awards are described as “a way to recognize the incredible developer community and highlight some of the best apps and games”. 2019 Google Play Awards is a series of awards that is rewarded as a recognition for the top apps and games for Android. The rewards are categorized into nine kinds: Standout Well-Being App, Best Accessibility Experience, Best Social Impact, Most Beautiful Game, Best Living Room Experience, M...
Publish Time:4/29/2019 5:24:09 PM
QoL Changes this week and buy cheapest RS Gold
The following informations are latest QoL changes and improvements ,Please focus on here now.1.Goldcrafting Interface Changes The gold smelting interface has been improved and now functions with left-click buttons like the bank. 2.Toggle "Deposit Inventory" Button in Bank The bank interface now has a toggle for the "deposit inventory button". This can be accessed by clicking on the bank settings button on the top right of the interface under the close button. 3.Australian WorldsWe've now added 5 new Australian worlds. These worlds will have total lev...
Publish Time:4/26/2019 11:47:10 AM
Some OSRS Beginner Clue Scroll useful tips
Today,We will share some OSRS Beginner Clue Scroll basic informations and useful guides for you,Hope can do some help for you.OSRS beginner clue scroll is a short clue scroll available to both F2P and P2P players, which is always between 1-3 clues with few or no requirements. Beginner clue scrolls are the easiest to receive and complete, which offer low rewards in return. Beginner clue scrolls OSRS can drop from various lower-levelled monsters in free-to-play world, and they can also be received from baby and young implings, clue bottles, clue geodes and clue nests. The bel...
Publish Time:4/22/2019 5:29:13 PM
Learn some basic informations about Warding
There have some latest details about Warding,If you are interested in it,Please read carefully now.Generally informations about WardingThe Warding will serve as a mage armour production skill similar to Smithing and Crafting,Warding allows players to channel a material called vis into woven materials and transform them into magical robes and armour. Warding XP is gained in a few ways: drawing wards, channeling vis into equipment and dissolving equipment into vis. Drawing a ward and dissolving equipment will give only token XP; the best way to train Warding.New Rewards of th...
Publish Time:4/18/2019 10:16:49 AM
Learn Song of Seren weekend details
The Song of Seren can again be heard in Gielinor, This event will cover the entire gameworld, rather than in Prifddinas only.Now,Let's see all informations .How long will it last?The Song of Seren will be a long event that lasts from 00:00 on 10 May to 23:59 on 13 May 2019. the Song of Seren will call out across the entire gameworld. During the event,Each Song will herald a focus on one of four sets of skills – Support, Combat, Gathering and Artisan. Once called, players will have two hours to make the most of 1.5x XP in the activated skills. Then, after two hours, Sere...
Publish Time:4/15/2019 5:28:45 PM
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