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120 Slayer Skill Guide in RS & Buy Cheap RS 3 Gold with 50% Off

It's confirmed that Jagex will increase Slayer level to 120. Although it hasn't been full launched in game at present, you need to gather essential skill guides about 120 slayer and buy cheap rs 3 gold in advance. Here we will give you some tips and highly recommend you to buy rs 3 gold cheap with 5% off on RS4uk.

Here's how the update of 120 slayer is going to go

Being your own slayer master is going to sound really cool, and be really underwhelming when it happens.

1. Probably you'll be allowed to give yourself a task from a small selection of monsters or something.

2. There will be a few creature additions, each having a few mechanics that give good slayer exp. It's not going to change the grind to 120 too much, and there won't be much filling in the gaps.

3. 120 is 20 more levels worth of content, not 10x more content than 1-99.

Whether 120 Slayer will be a good update or not is still up for debate until it gets released, whether it could have been handled better is not - it definitely could and should have been handled differently by Jagex to reassure people this isn’t something that will be thrown together but a good idea they have thought out.

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