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2 New Novice Quests: the Queen of Thieves and THE Depths of Despair



This week, congratulation 2 new novice quests come to RuneScape. Let's follow  to to look the details. And remember to buy more RS Gold.


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The Queen of Thieves


Kourend's gang recently went somewhere in Port Piscarilius under the control of a mysterious figure called the "Queen of Thieves." This newbie mission is to allow players to infiltrate Kourend's gang to find the thief queen. Quest Reward Complete the following players:


1 Quest Point

2000 Thieving XP

2000 coins

10% Piscarilius favors rewards scrolls

Fisher's flute


The Depths of Despair

Artur Hosidius is missing, and Lord Kandur Hosidius needs the player to help find his son and take him home. Quest Reward Complete the following players:


1 Quest Point

1500 Agility XP

4000 coins

10% Hosidius supports the form of reward scroll

Lunch by Lancalliums


That's the 2 new quests  on OSRS, buy more Runescape 2007 gold to complete it. The Quest Reward is waiting for you!

Publish Time:Friday, November 10, 2017

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