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Bank Deposit Boxes details and Mobile Content Changes

There are some new updates,Let's see what it is,Please pay close attention to here.

Bank Deposit Boxes details

According to the poll asking whether deposit boxes should be added to bank locations that do not currently have one, OSRS bank deposit boxes are added to the following locations: Clan Wars, Shantay Pass, Duel Arena, Etceteria, Motherlode Mine, Barbarian Assault, Mage Arena (the bank, not the actual arena), Legends’ Guild, Mount Quidamortem, Rogues’ Den, Arceuus, Lovakengj, Hosidius, Kourend Castle and Lunar Isle.

Mobile Content Changes

1. Friends logging in and logging out will no longer cause the Private chat tab to flash. It will still continue to flash when messages are received.

2.The Kourend Favour overlay will expand correctly when tapped on mobile.

3.The chatbox has been reduced in size to prevent overlap with other interfaces, such as the XP interface.

4.To help them avoid overlapping other interfaces which may be open,Some interfaces have been updated, including: Castle Wars, Wintertodt, Chambers of Xeric, Motherlode Mine, the Pinball random event, Galvek's hitpoints bar, killcount within the God Wars Dungeon, and the Volcanic Mine, while the rest will be fixed gradually in the coming weeks.

5.The appearances of battery icon, network connection icon, and the battery charging icon are all improved.

6.An extra option to have split chat has been added along with the option to prevent split chat from appearing when the All tab is closed.

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Publish Time:Monday, July 23, 2018

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