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Bird House And Bird Nest Balancing changes informations

There are some changes are made to OSRS birdhouse and bird nest for balancing.Now,Let's see all informations.

Bird Houses

The goal is to reduce the overall number of bird nests coming into game from bird houses but leave them as a viable passive Hunter training method. Bird houses are intended to be good passive experience at lower levels and rewarding through bird nests at mid to high levels. As such, the XP rates remain unchanged.

How many bird nests you can receive is influenced not only by the tier of OSRS bird house, but also by your Hunter level. If you are at 89 Hunter level, you may gain 9.8 nests on average per run with the using of Redwood bird houses, which is a little fewer than that at level 99.At level 5 Hunter using the regular bird houses, two bird nests will be received per run on average.

Bird Nests

The bird nest drops have been removed from Vorkath, Zulrah and Callisto, and the nest drop from Callisto is replaced with 30 Dragon bones.

This will reduce the number of nests coming into game ,and help stop skilling resources being gained via PvM.

This makes the other drops from these bosses slightly more common with the exception of their uniques. Therefore, these changes will not significantly affect the profits of farming these bosses.

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Publish Time:Friday, November 23, 2018

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