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Changes for Deadman Summer Season 18

Deadman Summer Season 2018 is approaching to us, but there have some new changes in this new season. And here are some changes we list below, please read it:


We will list some main changes below, and please read through all of them in advance.


Each NPC in the game has the opportunity to land another drop table  containing highly sought after items. Please note that this does not affect lava dragons as they still have no tables placed.


The boss will have the opportunity to board a rare table, including more items on the original table, and a mysterious badge (tier 5). They will also continue to have the opportunity to board the above-mentioned list of deputies to the National People's Congress.


The advanced monsters that appear during the Slayer mission will have the opportunity to board the rare forms mentioned above. Therefore, each player will have Bigger and Badder Slayer perk unlocked.


The existing Barros titratable agent for dead people produces the pharmacological agent and the secondary component, which will now produce a greater amount of the pharmacological agent and the minor component.


The drop rate of Tome of fire (from Wintertodt) increased by 10 times.


Burnt page drops (from Wintertodt) will now double the number of pages.


All NPC's random unspecified herbal drops will now produce 2 kinds of the same herbs instead of the usual herbs 1. This will not affect the drops of the guaranteed specific herbs.


The Giant mole will now produce double claw paws and a decrease in the number of hides.


When trading, the mysterious emblems now has twice the value of the usual points.


The fisheries that produce tuna, lobster, swordfish, sharks, kalamwang, dark crab and anglerfish will now produce 3 fish for each capture. The XP given still corresponds to only 1 fish.


All dragons (excluding lava dragons) will double their bones every time they drop(only applies to Vorkath)


Thanks for your reading, and you can buy Deadman Summer Season gold from us.

Publish Time:Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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