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Changes for Ninja Project, Clue Scroll Overhaul, Mimic Boss and More in Feb

Although February is the shortest month in a year. there are so many changes about Runescape this month. Such as Ninja Project, Clue Scroll Overhaul,  Mimic Boss etc. You can read the details below.


New Changes for Ninja Project

The Crystallize spell can be recast at the same skill level without waiting for the previous cast to expire.

You will have a special kill allocation option of "Do not ask me again", which can be switched with the killer master by the opponent's choice.

You can raid through the nest as if they were shrimp balls.

There will be more quick chat options, including "I've Got X Skill Pet" and "My Hollow Killer Count is Y" (the last counter started when the update was started).

Already in game, but worth mentioning) You can bind the action bar to a specific weapon style, which means that when you swap your main hand, your main action bar switches accordingly. You can switch to "Action Bar Settings" in the Game Settings screen.


Clue Scroll Overhaul Changes the New Reward

RuneScape Clue Scroll Overhaul is the most significant update this month. The team is introducing a master-level clues, adding over 60 new rewards, improving drop-off desktops, and giving free players some of the rewards they already have. There's also a new center to meet all your clues needs, a collection of logs to track your rewards and a new Globetrotter outfit that will help you with all your clues looking for effort.

There are a few other clues to rolling overhauls that come to the game and you can read all of that in RuneScape's press release.


Defeat Mimic Boss Runescape Free to Acquire Mystery Box

Until February 19, you can grab a free boss badge from Burthorpe's Mimic chest and escort you into the Mimic Chamber against Mimic Boss RuneScape. Beat a easy, medium, hard or elite Mimic Boss within the allotted time, you win a mysterious box, the more you value, the more hardcore you get.

Once the boss is defeated, the free copy of the boss card will disappear. And after using, you can choose to trade tokens or earn them by fighting, and occasionally skishing.


Rs Mining And Smithing Beta in the New Mechanism

Some of the new mechanisms in the Mining and Smithing Beta will be tested in mid-month, including ore bags, upgrading equipment, decorating equipment, forging heating, noncompetitive rock and new layer metals.

All of this will be done in Gielinor's closed pocket, with only the core mechanism available. You will have access to all existing and new mining rocks and will be able to use both existing and new metals to make armor and weapons. There are no restrictions here, your feedback is a great encouragement.


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Publish Time:Monday, February 5, 2018

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