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Deadman Winer Finals Tips & Prizes

2017 Runescape Deadman Winter Finals live until Saturday December 9, and finally at the Permadeath stage. This time, you will encounter more challenges and get more.


Town Protection & PK Skulls

1. High level patrol major towns on the map.

2. Attack player's standard skulls timer is 15 minutes. If you have been skulled and then attack another player, the timer will be extended by 2 minutes.

3. For all players, the skull penalty will last for 5 minutes. And there is a 1 minute grace period for reasonable kills. 


XP gain

In the 2017 Runescape Deadman Winter Finals. There is no cap on XP gain.

1. Training combat skills in unguarded/guarded areas, XP respectively 15x/10x.

2. Training non-combat skills in unguarded/guarded areas, XP rate is 10x.

3. The XP rebuild rate was 50% of the previous death.


Items and XP lost their lives

If you die, you will lose 10 of the most valuable items. For dead items, you will only lose 80% of the stack of items.

2. Players can protect all XP deaths while stolen players lose XP due to the player's combat level.


What will you protect or gain in the Deadman Winter Finals 2017?

1. Get the key into the box. It allows you to take the 10 most valuable items out of the bank where you killed the player.

2. Ensure HP levels by talking to Green found at the Lunbritz Cemetery.

3. Protect 2 combat skills and 3 non-combat skills.

4. Protect up to 10 projects by talking to financial wizards.


The finals bonus will be generous:

1. The first place will receive $ 20,000

2. The second place will receive $ 10,000

3. The third place will receive $ 1,000

4. The fourth place will receive $ 1,000

5. The remaining 12 players making up the last 16 will receive 12 months of membership.


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Publish Time:Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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