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Dragon Slayer II Guide

Dragon Slayer II is an adventure game that spans new and old locations, offering dragons and new heroes as you complete puzzles, open new dungeons, and face some of the most dangerous enemies in the game. Completing the new grandmaster quest will unlock access to the All-Know-How Society and more major rewards. And now we rs4uk share the guide how to finish this guide.


The Ability Of The Boss Galvek

In order to complete the mission Dragon Slayer 2, you must eventually defeat boss Galvek OSRS at combat level 608. He has 1200 health and 4 stages, each with 300 health.

The boss has a variety of attacks. First, he can use three forms of combat. Secondly, if you do not leave the scene, his firepower is very powerful and you can kill you with a single blow. Even in the fire hits next to you, you will receive half the damage. More importantly, he can start a pink flame so that all prayer will not be affected.


Galvek OSRS Guide

1. In the first phase, you should stand on the railway next to Galvek, run east and west, avoiding "Jad" attacks. Never run south, or you will activate the bombs that are always placed in the same spot, and automatically blow up after a period of time or Galvek is forced into the next stage.

2. In the second phase, the boss will fly to the west of the ship, occasionally consuming your data, especially running energy (40%). You still need to approach the edge of the ship and run south / north to avoid "Jed" attacks.

3. In the most difficult of three phases, Galvek will be on the east side of the ship, occasionally launching tsunami waves and you have to run around and avoid attacks.

4. Finally, he will go to the middle of the ship and freeze you with the power of the earth. To avoid this attack, you'd better turn around clockwise or counterclockwise around Galvek.


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