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Event for OSRS 5 Years Birthday

Old School RuneScape has 5 years old. Head to Falador Party room to help us celebrate the 5-year-old OSRS. Where you meet Leonardo da Vinci, he occasionally needs some help to complete his painting! This event will run until March 15, giving you plenty of time to lend a helping hand and get some new holiday rewards!


Upon completion of the fifth birthday, you receive an OSRS Prop sword and a birthday present that includes all previous birthday bonus events. Such as Cow outfit, War ship, Gnome child hat, 4th birthday hat, Birthday balloons, Crazy dance emote, Smooth dance emote.


We will share a very simple guide here.

1. Talk to Leonardo Da Vinci at Faraday's party room.

2. Make a sword with a knife and some normal logs and give it to Leonardo da Vinci.

3. Go to Draynor village and talk to Aggie.

4. Chisel, gold and silver ore made of gold and silver powder, and then to her.

5. Take a bottle of gold and silver paint from her and return to Leonardo Da Vinci.

6. Find Herquin in the southern West Bank of Falador.

7. Use fishing nets to catch a net.

8. Fishing at the fishing spot just south of White Knight Castle, get semi-precious sapphires.

9. Ask Herquin to help polish the stones.

10. Give the Da Vinci a polished sapphire.

11. Check out the room and choose the first option - a red devil appears when 3 hints appear.

12. Get dyed green by talking to Dunce in the party room.

13. Talk to Da Vinci again to get the job done.


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Publish Time:Friday, February 23, 2018

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