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How to Obtained RuneScape Globetrotter Outfit?

Hello Runescape players, do you want to obtained Globetrotter outfit? Now you get it from Zaida after the release of clue scroll overhaul. And it is located south of the Varrock Grand Exchange. Furthermore you can also get free Sealed clue scroll & Sealed master clue scroll from her. So let's look more details about it!


How to Find Zaida and Get Globetrotter Outfit?

Zaida is a Treasure Trail Trainer who runs the Treasure Trails Reward Shop. You can find her RuneScape Globetrotter gear south of the Varrock Grand Exchange and more about the Treasure Trails.

In addition to the Treasure Trails Reward Shop, Zaida RuneScape also offers services including general information about treasures trails, a list of hidden holes to downgrade a treasure. But please pay more attention that she provides all players with a free Sealed clue scrol(from easy to elite, depending on the total number of player skills), and a free Sealed master clue scroll for all premier gold club players.


What Are the Set Effects of Globetrotter Outfit?

Purchase a full RuneScape Globetrotter outfit requires 4,950 Treasure Trail points. Now learn more effects of Globetrotter outfit below:

Globetrotter Jacket: Send directly to the cue scroll position.

Globetrotter Shorts: Automatically perform the correct facial expression cue scan.

Globetrotter Boots: Activate unlimited running

Globetrotter Arm Guards: use delivery reels stored in banks.

Globetrotter Backpack: Exchange your existing leads for a new, same level of difficulty.

Full set:

1. If each hidey-hole is filled, then act as a clue to the equipment.

2. Need a clue to earn outfit costs.

3. Each piece of outfit can store more than 1 dress capacity.

4. You will have 1 bonus re-store each layer with 2 pieces of outfit.

5. You will have an extra bonus redeliver each layer with 4 pieces of outfit.


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Publish Time:Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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