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Hydra Lamps & Vic the Trader Return to Runescape

The Hydra Lamps returns to the Treasure Hunter and brings XP in two skills at a time. Furthermore, our favorite merchant 'Vic the Trader' has return too! More details please read it below!


Hydra Lamps


How long will the Hydra Lamps lasting?

00:00 Game Time on 17th January - 23:59 Game Time on 22nd January


How to use Hydra Lamps?

Hydra lamps will giving you regular XP in a skill, they are similar to Smouldering Lamps. And awarding up to the same amount of your stored Bonus XP immediately.

But there is a very important difference. They grant XP and (if it applicable) Bonus XP in two skills, not one! Each skill will receive 60% of the total XP gained from the smoldering lamp, a total of 120%!


Vic the Trader


In south of Burthorpe lodestone. Vic the Trader has resumed his post. But this time Vic did not have his cousin Ric with him. 2 shiny new items updated in his store: Sunfury outfit (200 credits each one) and Nature's Sentinel outfit (500 credits each one).


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Publish Time:Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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