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Informations about Improved Decanting And Bank Changes

Today,Let's see some runescape new updates and informations,Please pay close attention on the following content.

Decanting details

Both Bob Barter and Zahur have received a buff. They can now decant potions into 1, 2, and 3 doses rather than just 4. If you do not have enough empty vials or cups when you attempt to decant your potions or tea, you can take gold with you and Bob will sell you empties for the current Grand Exchange price plus 2gp each.

Bank Changes

1.Withdraw X Function Added to Desktop

Allowing players to set their chosen quantity as the left-click option for Withdrawing or Depositing items.The Old School team also make the game remember your option over logout.

2.Right-Click Options Extended to the Deposit Box

The right-click uses within the bank for some items have been included within deposit boxes, and the items are: all Rune pouches, Coal bag, Gem bag, Flamtaer bag, Herb sack, Seed box, Enchanted gem, Eternal gem, Slayer ring, as well as eternal Slayer ring.

What's more,when having essence in your inventory, you don’t have to close the bank interface and can fill your Rune essence pouches by right-clicking.Equally, you may Empty pouches this way if they contain essence.

3.The Account Management tab(found only on mobile)added to the desktop client

Allowing you easily to access the useful account information, like remaining days of membership, the name changer,number of unread inbox messages and useful links.

Additionally,The friends and ignore lists have been combined into one tab to make space for the new Account Management tab. To switch between the friends and ignore lists, click the small face icon in the top right of the friends/ignore list interface.


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