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Key Information About Winter Season

Winter Season is coming soon, Now, Let's see full details about it,Please read carefully.

How long will it last?

The Winter Season begins at approximately 10pm on Saturday 15th September and will end on Thursday 11th October.

Some detailed informations

1.NPCs killed in the Wilderness have a chance to roll on a new global Wilderness loot table. The chance is relative to the combat level of the NPC, the higher the combat level the greater the chance of reaching the global Wilderness loot table.

2.The items on the global Wilderness loot table are as follows:

Morrigan's coif, Morrigan's leather body, Morrigan's leather chaps, Morrigan's throwing axe, Morrigan's javelin, Zulriel's hood, Zuriel's robe top, Zuriel's robe bottom, Zuriel's staff, Statius's full helm, Statius's platebody, Statius's platelegs, Statius's warhammer, Vesta's chainbody, Vesta's plateskirt, Vesta's longsword, and Vesta's spear.

3.Animal Magnetism, Death Plateau, Dragon Slayer, Heroes' Quest, The Lost Tribe, Monkey Madness, and the first stage of Recipe for Disaster,These quests will be automatically completed.

4.The Dorgeshuun crossbow and Bone bolts will be added to Archery stores.

5.Teleblock will now last for 150 seconds, or for 75 seconds with Protect from Magic active.

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Publish Time:Friday, August 17, 2018

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