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Konar's Drop Table changes

Today,Let's see the OSRS latest update about Konar's Drop Table balancing,Now,Let's learn Konar's Drop Table changes together.

OSRS team makes some small changes on Konar's drop table for this weekend.The below are all changes and details:

1.Add a new Mystic set with a Mount Karuulm colour scheme,including top, bottom, gloves, boots and hat.

2.Add Coins as a potential drop

3.Alchables Rune armour (like Rune platebody) with a stable value added to spread the value of the drops more evenly.

4.Replace the raw shark drop with a fish drop. The type given will depends on your Fishing level

5.Seeds like Dragonfruit tree seed, Redwood tree seed added to replace high value herb drops.

After the changes, Konar's Unique table would be accessed at the same rates. Both the Dragon hasta and the Mystic subtable will be a 1/200 chance. In the Mystic subtable, each Mystic piece has an equal chance of being rolled.

With the help of your advice, the future Konar's Drop Table will surely be satisfying.Let's expect it.

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Publish Time:Monday, January 14, 2019

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