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Latest Informations about RuneScape TAPP

It’s reported that RuneScape TAPP has now been cancelled until at least 2019.Let's see reasons and details now.

Some informations about RuneScape TAPP

TAPP, referring to Thursday, All-Day, Personal Projects is Jagex’s version of the “20% time” policy initially popularized by Google, during which employees are free to spend some of their time on projects not relative to their primary job. And TAPP implemented at Jagex in 2014 allows their Jmods to spend every other Thursday on personal projects related to the game, effectively 10% of their time.

Now it is announced by Mod Stu that TAPP has been currently cancelled until at least 2019.The main reason of this decision is to eliminate distractions so the team can focus on fulfilling their objectives for 2018. One of Jagex’s highest priorities is bringing Old School and RuneScape to Mobile.

TAPP hasn’t been canceled for Mobile. Meanwhile, RS is interpreting the canceling of TAPP through still having a Game Jam and having passion projects moved into normal sprint work.

What's more, some of JMods have managed to complete the dev work for a RuneScape TAPP project or two before its cancellation, and some of them may be released in the future if approved for QA and Localisation.while some are still keeping developing their TAPP projects after hours for no pay.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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