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Latest news about RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory and Teleblock

Today,We will share the Latest news about RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory and Teleblock for you,And don't forget to buy cheap RS Gold on RS4UK.

Dragonkin Laboratory news

After the internal play test last Thursday,the RS team have to delay the RuneScape Dragonkin Laboratory release date to August 13.Because the team thought it had not been the degree that they expected from themselves. And they need polish the content further. Finally, they discuss to delay the release to August 13, in order to give a comprehensive polish pass.

Teleblock changes

The Emblem Trader located in Edgeville will be give the option for all players to toggle the ability to receive a Bounty Hunter target past level 10 Wilderness.The way Teleblock works will be changed in order that the effect is completely removed when logging out.And the way special attacks work will be changed to make you avoid being hit by a special attack from a different player for 10 game ticks if you are under attack by a player using a special attack in single combat.

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Publish Time:Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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