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Making Friends with My Arm OSRS Master Quest Informations

Making Friends with My Arm OSRS Master level quest is coming to game in early autumn 2018,Here has some detailed informations about it,Read now!

Learn some informations about OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

This quest will feature a new city of Ice Trolls and the Wise Old Man and reward three types of salt in a mine for treating logs.

It is a Master level quest, taking the much maligned character from My Arm’s Big Adventure and sending him on a whole new mission - venturing into the icy lands of the north to establish relations with the troll town of Weiss. You will assist him and learn the troll technologies from Weiss that make the Firemaking skill useful, offering buffs to skilling activities elsewhere in the world.

Learn some Requirements about OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

Completion of My Arm's Big Adventure

Completion of Swan Song

Completion of Cold War

Completion of Romeo & Juliet

Level 66 Firemaking

Level 68 Agility

Level 72 Mining

Level 35 Construction

Must not be afraid of nasty trolls.

Get some rewards from OSRS Making Friends with My Arm

Completing Making Friends with My Arm will reward you with 2000xp in Construction, 5000xp in Firemaking, 10,000xp in Mining, and 15,000xp in Agility. Additionally you’ll gain access to a mine of different coloured salts. These salts are for treating logs that can be burnt in special fire pits.

There are three types of salt in the mine: Stamina salt, Resource salt and Prayer salt. These are used to treat various types of log that you’ll burn in the new fire pits, and these fires will give benefits while you’re training. The salts are tradeable, but you must complete this quest before you can use them.

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