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Moia RuneScape And Elite Dungeon 3 Informations

Today, We will learn Moia RuneScape And Elite Dungeon 3 Informations and details, Please focus on the below content.

Moia RuneScape Informations

RuneScape Halloween event this year involves the Four Horsemen: War, Famine, Pestilence and Death, and you will aid Death and his ferocious associates to fend off the powerful dark forces of Daemonheim.

Moia RuneScape, hinting towards the Halloween 2018 event. Moia has turned up to investigate the sinkhole outside Draynor Village and been trapped inside the rift, and it’s your mission to save her during this event.

Elite Dungeon 3 details

Set in the ocean in the Sunken Darkness, Elite Dungeon 3 will feature a particular character from Runefest talks past – The Ambassador.

This guy, once a noble Dragonkin, has been twisted and warped by Xau-Tak, and is now his self-proclaimed ambassador on Gielinor, paving the way, along with his other boss friends, to bring Xau-Tak to Gielinor.

Let's expect the update in February 2019.

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