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Month Ahead - September 2017

Now From Official Runescape News :Mod Mark's here to tell us all about what's coming up in September.
Balthazar's Big Raffle

Before talking about the future, let's talk about  Balthazar's Big Raffle has been in the game,with many of the top prize, including Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour and Deathtouched Darts.

Until October 2, you will be eligible to receive two raffle tickets every day: one from Balthazar, who can be found by the Burthorpe lodestone, another one from Gilly Willikers the clown (he's usually capering around lodestones throughout Misthalin and Asgarnia) or complete the daily challenges .

Every day of the week has a different reward, whether you spend tickets or save notes depends on you.  Look at the raffle prizes offered here. Don't worry if you're not the winner.

For every five tickets you use, you will receive a Gilly clown kit, and all the unsuccessful tickets will be given a small prismatic star that suits Double XP Weekend!


This is the time of the year. Grab your party hat, Scapers: RuneFest 2017!

There are a few tickets to stay in the big day, so if you're sitting on the fence, it's time to go. Now get your ticket, and you can!

This year is the biggest RuneFest ever, we can't wait to share all the cool things all of our stores,  all of which are based on the classic "Back to Our Roots" as the theme. Look at the timeline and find out what happened.

Even if you don't join us, you can still use our RuneFest web application to track everything - RuneFest, or from the two stage to watch live on the Twitch. Want to really immerse yourself? Try Runescape YouTube Feed.

Whether in personal experience or in spirit, we couldn't wait to join us and become the first to find out what happened next to RuneScape.

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