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New Improvements of Fossil Island

Fossil Island improvements have just been updated in Old School Runescape. Such as Mini-task list, Birdhouse, underwater Agility and Thieving ect. Please follow us to learn more information below. And remember to buy RuneScape 2007 Gold from us at first.


Mini-task list

From now on, you can record your exploration of Fossil Island with a new Mini-task list, which is instantly accessible through the bulletin board found next to the general store. Upon completing these tasks, you will receive additional fossil rewards to start your showcase.


Birdhouse changes

The clockwork used to build the birdhouse can be returned when the birdhouse is removed. Now all the aviary layers can accommodate 10 birds. More importantly, four more poultry houses were added to the Maple, Mahogany, Yew, Magic and Rosewood logs.


Underwater Agility and Thieving changes

From underwater agility and thieves' activities, you can only win the glittering mermaid tears, which can be traded with agile, thieves, or both. This is all your choice. However, you may not cash more than 700 tears once time.


Drift nets fishing changes

You can have permanent access to the instantiated drift nets area and send Ceta a one-time fee of 20,000 numulites. You will see a new Mermaid in the stream hole, he can help you keep your spare drift nets. In addition, you can choose to capture 5 Brass fish for your floating net on the collection screen to catch the fish in the floating net.


Fossil Island Wyvern changes

The Fossil Island Wyvern's defense rating has dropped to 90, while the Ancient Wyvern has dropped to 150. The Slayer reward menu to buy the new 500 Slayer points block option to avoid Slayer masters assigned fossil feet task.


Mycelium pool balancing changes

The chemical process used to calcify fossils into enriched bones,

Now the chemical process is used to calcify the fossil into rich bones, now completed at a 1:1 ratio of Calcite to Pyrophospite. The prayer experience gained using various forms of rich bones in a mountain house has increased 5X.


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Publish Time:Friday, January 19, 2018

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