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OSRS Mobile Down and Mobile Account Management Details

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Learn OSRS Mobile Down Informations

If you have played Old School RuneScape on mobile, you may face the situation that OSRS Mobile failed to contact server. Sometimes this issue happens if your WiFi signal is weak or drops for a short period of time, which makes your phone switch between WiFi and mobile data. If the signal of LTE on your phone is stronger, it’s a better choice to use it to avoid OSRS Mobile down.

Some Mobile Account Management Changes

1.Account Management tab has been released for mobile. The toggleable orb that opens the store and shows payment options for members still exists but is toggled off by default for members. The orb will still always show for F2P players.

2.The friends and ignore lists have been combined into one panel with the Account Management icon filling the saved space. You can now switch freely between the friends and ignore lists using the button in the top right of the panel. 

3.The Useful Links section takes you to the Old School website and Customer Support page. The link to Customer Support on the logout panel has been removed as it now exists here.

4.The Billing section displays your amount of remaining membership and has buttons taking you to the store and bond pouch. The text turns red when your membership is close to or has run out.

5.The Inbox section links to your player inbox and displays the number of unread messages.

6.The Name section shows your current character name and links to the name changer.

7.The fog system in Deadman mode has been fixed and now displays correctly on mobile.

8.The smoke overlay when entering the Smoke tunnels in the desert or south of Castle Wars will now display correctly on mobile.

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Publish Time:Friday, August 24, 2018

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