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Player Owned Farm & Farming details

The final Winter Weekend is now here!Player Owned Farm & Farming is arriving,Now,Let's see all informations about it.

How long will it last?

This Winter Weekend has arriving at 12:00 UTC on last Friday, Jan. 4th.It will end at 12:00 UTC Jan. 7.

And you'll receive the following bonuses while taking part at Manor Farm or by just doing Farming:

Player Owned Farm

1.Wile you are playing in the Player Owned Farm, it is more likely to be shiny in your farm, and the animals and plants in your farm can enjoy increased chances of breeding.

2.More beans from selling animals.Increased drop rate of animals from combat.It will also be more effective when you use Honeycombs on animals.

3.Improved happiness and health from feeding


1.10% increased yield from allotment and herb patches

2.25% increased yield from compost bins

Hope you can enjoy this event!

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Publish Time:Monday, January 7, 2019

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