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Premier Club Vault on Friday and Upcoming RuneScape Premier Club 2018

Before November 30, each member has free access to the new D&D "Premier Club Vault", you can open the box for huge rewards. Meanwhile, RuneScape Premier Club 2018 will be launched on Friday. We want to share some details with you.


Some tips and rewards at Premier Club Vault

The new D&D - RuneScape Premier Club Vault lets you open as many boxes. Every member has free access to this D&D at any time until November 30. It can still be offered monthly for Gold Premier Club members.



Medium Prismatic Lamp     1

Prismatic Medium Fallen Star  1

Silverhawk Down  25

Tight Spring  25

Medium Protean Pack  1

Portable Skilling pack  1

Prismatic Large Fallen Star  1

Premier Club Reward Token  1

Large Prismatic Lamp  1


Here are some helpful RuneScape Prime Club tips. Before joining the new D&D, it is highly recommended to read them.

Visit the Vault through a new portal to the west of the Varrock Grand Exchange. When entering the portal, you need to open the box as much as you can in one minute. Just remember that although the bigger the box you open, the better the prizes you can get, the bigger the prizes are not recommended to open, which will take more time and may eventually result in fewer prizes.


Upcoming RuneScape Prime Club

On Friday, you'll see the introduction of the RuneScape Premier Club 2018, which offers up to 12 months of membership at a minimum speed and lots of good stuff to get started.


Let's look forward to the upcoming RunScape Premier Club 2018 new set, with the cheap RS Gold offered by us. See the details of the new RuneScape Premier club as soon as possible and use cheap RS3 gold and immediately enter the Premier Club Vault.

Publish Time:Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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