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QoL Changes and OSRS Mobile iOS Beta Ends Up

This week, we could see some QoL changes in Runescape. Worlds maintenance has ened, and the first beta of OSRS Mobile iOS comes to an end. Here are some Changes below, let's learn more now.


Changes for Resizable mode chat

Players could click scroll bars in a resizable mode instead of interacting with what they wanted before. In resizable mode, today's update will allow the player to click on this area of ??the chat room. You can now change the position of the scroll bar in the chat window. Simply open the Options tab and find the Advanced Options screen in the Display Options menu. From here you can switch the position of the resize mode scroll bar so that it appears on the left or right side of the chat window.


Changes for Music Player Song Counter

The Music Player tab now shows a counter for unlocking songs at the bottom of the display. This should help you get a musical cape, especially when used with the most recently added song cues, when you right-click the song to prompt for its unlocked position!


Changes for Penance Armour Storage

You can now store a complete set of confessional armor in the armored box of your player's house. Once the Penance Fighter torso, Penance Runner boots, Penance gloves and Penance skirts are stored, you can also store Penance Fighter hats, Penance Range hats, Penance Runner hats and Penance Healer hats. You will not be able to store the hat until the armor is stored.


The end of OSRS Mobile iOS Beta

OSRS Mobile iOS beta has ended. This beta provides a wealth of usability data and feedback.There will be a larger Android beta lately. Once the date has exact, we will convey them to you. This is an exciting time for OSRS Mobile!


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Publish Time:Friday, April 27, 2018

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