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RS Anniversary Cake Return Informations

There have a RuneScape Anniversary Cake to celebrate the arriving of RS 18 birthday,Now,Let's see all details now.

RS 18th anniversary arrives on January 4, 2019.To celebrate its birthday,The RS Anniversary cake can be automatically obtained in your inventory upon login, and eaten every 3 minutes to replenish upmostly 2,200 life points at level 88 Constitution, which is the minimum level requirement to receive full healing from this food. The replenishment from the Anniversary Cake increases as your Constitution level gets higher.And it remains usable for one week.

Moreover,As a part of RS Birthday celebration,Firework Festival is active now until Jan 7th,there are different kinds of fireworks available in RuneScape Firework Festival for you to gain different prizes.

What's more,You can also enjoy fun videos. And at special 18th birthday livestream, which lasts from 4pm on January 4th, you can take part in the RS style quiz and win prizes.

In the end, RS4UK will always share with you latest RS news

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Publish Time:Friday, January 4, 2019

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