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Revenant Caves Coming to Old School Runescape

Known as if not the best way to make money related to the wilderness. Undead Caves are filled with higher-level wilderness monsters and new NPC Revenants. In addition to providing a great way to harness the wilderness killers, you can expect to earn attractive profits while training here!


All monsters in the cave are included in the list of wilder killer monsters, of which Revenants are newest. Some of them will prove rather challenging to fail, so make sure you get ready for the Revenant Caves!


The requirement to enter Revenant Caves

The shortest required agility level is 65, the highest agility level is 89.


Rewards of Revenant Caves

The higher Revenant's level, the greater the chance of discarding items. Here are some items you can get.


Bracelet of ethereum

Ethereum's bracelet was found in the cave fell Revenants. Although there is no statistics, but can add a new bracelet bracelet consumables. Revenant ether, which is guaranteed to decline from Revenants.


Once accused, wearing a bracelet will make Revenants no longer aggressive to you. In addition, you will be immune to their attacks. However, each attack will consume 1 charge from the bracelet. Once all costs have been consumed, the bracelet will return to the uncharged form and lose its effect. This project is definitely a requirement for any length of time in the cave to stay.


Ephesus bracelet total value of 43200gp, will always be in a state of death. It can not be saved in the unsaved default 3 items by using prayer "protect items" or a combination of the two. Any ether used to charge the bracelet will die as well.


Revenant Cave Teleport Scroll

Getting in and out of Revenant caves can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, all Revenant NPCs have a small chance of dropping an exchangeable revenant cave delivery reel that can be used to deliver to the lower wilderness entrance to the cave.


Ancient crystal

Ancient Crystal is a new rare exchangeable resource, dropped from Revenants. These are used to build a random selection of players who have a wilderness obelisk that allows unidirectional delivery of any 6 current wilderness obelisk locations. The complete wilderness diary allows you to choose a specific delivery location.


Building a player-owned wilderness obelisk requires 80 buildings, 4 ancient crystals and 4 marble blocks. It can be placed in a Superior Garden Room, using the same hot spot as the Holy Ghost Tree / Fairy ring. Finish Obelisk to grant you 3000 Construction XP.


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Publish Time:Friday, November 24, 2017

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