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RuneScape: Enjoy Pieces of Hate This Day

Runescape Fans! It is finally time to enjoy the Pieces of Hate RuneScape. This means that within a few hours you will be able to see Madame Shih and win updated Book o’ piracy. At the same time, the RS team also brought the 59th Player Gallery to celebrate its launch.


Details of Pieces of Hate

The grand finale of the Pirates Mission Series - Pieces of Hate will introduce underwater expeditions, ex-Dragonkin temples, the confrontation against Rabid Jack and the zombie pirates. Part of the quest will take place on Mos Le'Harmless. You need to find the zombie zombies that have failed to repair the roadblocks and avoid the invasion of the zombie. In addition, it will also be connected to Wushan Island, including the "pirate queen" on the eastern land, Madame Shih.


After finding Postie Pete to Start RuneScape Pieces of Hate

Of course, the most important thing now is to check if you have completed all the requirements of the new mission, including: 81 Construction, 82 Firemaking, 83 Agility, 85 Thieving, Complete Gertrude's cat and A Clockwork Syringe. It would be better if the combat level was 110+.

When all these requirements are met, you can find Postie Pete to begin the quest by the Player Owned House portal.


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Publish Time:Monday, March 19, 2018

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