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RuneScape Prime Club 2018 and What Can We Get?

Hellion armor


Apart from a huge discount, the 2018 Gold Prime Club members will also receive horrible Hellion armor, Hellion Aura, +1 daily treasure hunt keys and a monthly new Premier Club Vault. You can also get your own Q & As, a monthly draw, up to 150,000 loyalty points, and more!


Powerful Hellion Aura

4 beneficial effects you can enjoy with Hellion Aura.

This rechargeable godfather can not only increase your XP by 10% within one hour of your activation

Can provide an additional + 10% increase in XP for those around you and others around you

Allow a free death reclaim

When cooling another halo? Use it to instantly reset your day in your Hellion Aura!


Premier Club Vault

Prime Club Vault is a brand new D & D exclusive club that lets you unlock as many boxes as you can in a minute - the bigger the chest, the better the prizes. It is accessible through the new portal in Varrock's Grand Exchange.

Members can try for free before November 30th, and thereafter every month for free, reserved for the 2018 Gold Club members.


Incentive tokens

Gold and Silver members receive a token at the time of purchase, while Gold members receive an additional token in January and July. Tokens that you can use to unlock exclusive club-exclusive items that you may miss in previous years


Here are all we can get to become a Premier Club membership. Look the price about it. £15.99 for Bronze, £27.99 for Silver and £49.99 for Gold Premier Club membership. Remember to buy rs gold from 5% FREE RS gold with code 'rs4uk'. Will have huge discount for Christmas. Waiting for it!

Publish Time:Monday, November 27, 2017

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