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RuneScape Safecracking Come to Us This Month

In April this year, Runescape will introduce a new Thieveing ??training method - Safecracking. This will be an expansion of the Thieves’ Guild.


The Requirements for RuneScape Safecracking

The new Thieveing ??training method 'Safecracking' is provided for us on Runescape. It is designed for 65-95 level thieves. This is a new training method that unlocks after completing the buyer and Cellars quest and the related capers.


When the  level 1 men and women watch greedily at Kings, queens, and bigwigs, you can go to various castles or stay around the world and start raiding their safes to fill your lootbags.


Safecracking with Valuable Rewards

When trying to open a safe, you will get Thieveing ??XP and get a bigger XP drop when the safe is opened successfully. At the same time, you can get cold hard cash and bonus points. You can spend points on gubbins like a reward to prevent you from getting stunned when you are a thief. In addition, you can also use the points of these items so that the elf clans who suspects you can be stolen instead of placing the lock and stethoscope on the tool belt.


Let us look forward to the upcoming Safecracking. Don't forget to buy Rs Gold on our site for cheap.

Publish Time:Monday, April 2, 2018

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