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RuneScape Summer Special and OSRS Mobile Android "Always On"

There will be many updates coming to RS/OSRS players in summer. More importantly, RS/OSRS Summer Special will be available on May 21, 2018. Besides, OSRS Mobile Android "Always On" starts on today. Now learn more information now.


RuneScape Summer Special

As we all know, this summer will be better than ever before with the excellent updates of OSRS and RuneScape, such as the OSRS Blood Battlefield, the RuneScape Elite Dungeon and the player-owned farms.

At the same time, the Summer Special Edition of OSRS and RuneScape will be launched soon. There are two summer special membership packages, one is the usual 3-for-2 package (£11.99 or 5 Bonds), and the other is a new 6-for-5 package (£25.99 or 10 Bonds). Both packages can be purchased from May 21st. The prices for these two membership packages are provided here as special summer offers.


OSRS Mobile Android "Always On"

Today sees the Android beta go 'Always On' from 2pm BST onwards. We have introduce more information about it, click here to learn more. OSRS have announced that thay do not envisage a specific end date about 'Always On'. If you have received an inbox message on Tuesday, and you will receive another inbox message  at today 2pm which contain instructions to access OSRS on Mobile. Hope you can enjoy it!


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Publish Time:Friday, May 11, 2018

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