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Runescape Evil Dave & Festive Aura

Runescape Evil Dave Quest is now available. Here is RS Evil Dave reward, request and other tips for you.


Visit Evil Dave Quest's request

Become a member of Runescape

At least 30 herblore, magic, agility and cooking;

Complete disaster recipe.


Where do you find Runescape Evil Dave?

To start the Evil Dave mission, you will need to head to Edgeville to enter the southeastern magnet house and down to Evil Dave's Doom Basement.

There, you need to call a group of hell mice and smuggle them through the Shantay Pass:

The first hell mouse: Ask Shantay to open the coconut, add a rat, climb the rope and throw it away.

The second hell mouse in the bucket. Grab the bucket from the cell and wrap it with the old rug and roll it up.

Third: You have to hand over the diamond to the guards, then take the rope, then use the coconut tree rope. Bind the rope next to it and throw the mouse into the coconut.


What reward do you get from Runescape Evil Dave?

2 quest points

50k magic XP, 20k Herblore XP, 20k agile XP and 20k cooking XP;

2 treasure hunter keys.


Festive Aura

In December, members can activate the annual Festive Aura once a day for 50% of the XP upgrade - plus a winter wings cosmetics!

This should automatically appear in your list. However, if your  inventory is full, you can still get the holiday season by talking to Voices East, east of Burthorpe Castle or Dilwyn and Prifddinas Tower of Voices, opening their own stores and viewing aura.


Are you complete the Evil Dave? If not, I hope this guide will be helpful to you. And 50% of the XP upgrade in Festive Aura once a day. In addition, there are always some cheap RS gold for sale. Have fun in new quest.

Publish Time:Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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