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Runescape: Free Ancient Relic RuneScape

Today, RuneScape ancient relics can be free from Advent calendar, giving you the chance to win the balance of coins and more of the other rare items.  If you missed the Advance Pulse Core yesterday, do not worry, you can get it back by January 9. And I will tell you what is the rune landscape from today's ancient relics, where you can find it. Buy cheap RS gold from rs4uk to save money.


Where can you find RuneScape ancient relic?

Today you can get two free Ancient Relics RuneScape from Advent Calendar.

You may also find them partially buried in these places. Note: Ironman can not pick up buried relics.


Northeast of Al Kharid's dwarf glider;

East of Draynor Bank;

Edgeville Furnace Northeast;

Jack's house in the south of Rembrandt, on the ground of the castle;

Northwest of the port of Salim;

North of Varrock Museum, real estate agency southeast;

Poison Arrow Bar to the south east of Aldous Bank of South;

Among the three south houses in Sears Village;

North of Yanille Magnet;


What is the usage of RuneScape Advanced Pulse Core?

Advanced pulse cores get 150% XP when worn, while XP gets 50% rewards and will not be bonked with other XPs. You can choose to lock any skill by switching skills. Just remember that when XP has accumulated enough core it will explode.

More importantly, you can wear an advanced pulse core that gives you all the bonus XP without having to check and refit the core.


Good luck for you to find RuneScape balance coins of Ancient Relic. And more Free RS gold on our Christmas Sale, check out our site to learn more details!

Publish Time:Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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