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Runescape New Challenge Mode for Chambers of Xeric

The New Challenge Mode for Chambers of Xeric is coming. Now let's look for more details about it and the rewards below! Remember to buy cheap Rs Gold here.


The information of Challenge Mode

With the upcoming Theatre of Blood, a linear raid challenge, every room is generated in the same order each time it enters, and will certainly emphasize the need for teamwork and push the team to get the fastest team completion time, hoping it will give You have a similar experience for the Hay Chamber.


At the start of each attack, rooms in Xeric Chambers will be randomly generated. Some preferred room layouts will take precedence over other rooms, which means that it may not be possible for you to control the factors that make it difficult to get the fastest time to complete. This is not a secret. Runescape will provide Chambers with a new experience by introducing a new variant of the "challenge mode."


Through the party interface of Xeric Chambers, the raid captain can choose the “challenge mode” when forming a raid team. Once selected, any raid started by the leader will have a predetermined room order, which is always the same for all "challenge mode" surprises. Once in the attack, you will find that all residents are stronger than their standard opponents, so be sure to prepare for the challenge.


Xeric Chambers: The challenge model will push the limits of PvM skills and strategies. To encourage players who are looking for the fastest time to complete, we want to add a leaderboard to the game and record all Gielinor's results in order to see it during the week. There will be a global leaderboard showing all the fastest finishes in the world, and another world will show you the completion time and display name. These rankings will be reset with each game update, and at least the first 5 completion times and display names will be displayed.


The Rewards of Challenge Mode

If there is no suitable reward, this will not be a new PvM challenge. In addition to the above mentioned leaderboards, as well as the standard trophies usually received to complete Xeric Chambers, completing the "challenge mode" run within the specified time will also give you the opportunity to unlock Olmlet pets. This unlocking allows you to transform Olmlet into any boss found in the Chamber, not the Lizardman Wizard and Skeleton Mystic. Whether or not you own an Olmlet pet, this unlocking is workable, although you need real pets before you can unlock!


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Publish Time:Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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