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Runescape: Parcels from the Hedge

For the next 30 days, Postie Pete will send a package straight to your inventory, from small to large. The bigger the package, the bigger the reward! Buy runescape gold from RS4uk could have more cheap price, and this code 'rs4uk' could give you more 5% free!


These are gifts for Gielinor characters. From a shop owner and even the wise old man himself, you can thank you for your hard work. Check out the Parcel Rewards section to find out what you can win, including Postie Pete's own hat and even a ring to turn you into one of the Barrows brothers!


In addition, you can go to your daily XP hunt and find more packages. Just like your daily gifts, these gifts may come in bigger sizes with bigger rewards. When you open each package, you will receive a stamp, of which ten can be exchanged with Burthorpe's Postie Pete for more packages.


Adventurers are always losing things, and Postie Pete also has some boxes of lost property. After Postie Pete delivers 5, 10, 15, or 20 packages to you, you will be able to request the property.


If you can't log in from May 1? Don't worry, you won't lose: The 30-day package begins on the first day of your login in May. So, if you are on vacation or have the changes checked, you will not miss any daily packages.


Here's just some of the rewards you could get from Parcels:

Parcel Pete pet

Postie's Pete Hat

Boot bag

250 meters or 500 meters coin

Amoeba Barros


Lost Property

Adventurers are always losing things, and Postie Pete has packed boxes of lost property ready. After Postie Pete has provided you with a large number of packages during delivery, you can get something from his post office:

Aura Refresh

Life symbol reset

a bag of inventive components

Instakill darts

Postie title


At last, please notice that you can visit the post office before the end of June, and all mails will be deleted at this time, so be sure to complete the use before this time. Remember Rs4uk will provides you RS gold as usual!

Publish Time:Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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