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Some Adjustments for Tournament World

According to Runescape players Feedback, there have some adjustments have been added to the Tournament world. Such as Infernal Defender, Sanguinesti Staff, Ghrazi Rapier and Scythe of Vitur. And let's look more details below.


Changes of Infernal Defender

Change the name of the Infernal defender to the Avernic defender. And added a new story to go along with it! Besides this, it's accuracy and defensive stats are +3 higher than originally proposed.


If a player dies with the Avernic Defender under Level 20 Wilderness, it will revert to a broken Avernic Defender, who can use Perdu items to repair 1,000,000 coins. Players who get killed will receive 1,000,000 rewards from defenders, in addition to the normal stolen items that their opponents dropped. A field of death above level 20 Wilderness will be considered the same as any other item that cannot be resisted, which means that the person wearing it will not get a broken Avignon defender.


Changes of Sanguinesti Staff

Because the high cost for the amount it healed of Sanguinesti staff, reduce the cost to 3 Blood runes per cast, and increase the chance of the healing effect occurring to a 1/6 chance.And it will have an additional max hit over the Trident of the swamp.


Changes of Ghrazi Rapier

The Ghrazi rapier is a non-degradable alternative to the Abyssal tentacle, offering a slight increase in overall dps. Besides, to make it more powerful, here have some a bit changes by increasing the Stab bonus to +94 and the Melee Strength to +89.


Changes of Scythe of Vitur

Because of its low accuracy and speed, the Scythe of vitur was pitched as being a very slow, hard hitting 2-handed weapon. Now  the attack rate reducing to 5 and the Slash Attack bonus increasing to +110, it will make the scythe a much more viable weapon than it currently is. And the current aggressive attack option  changed from Stab to Slash.


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Publish Time:Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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